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  1. All of them, recently, I moved the whole Aurora folder to another HDD (a bigger one with lots of GB of space) and all covers and backgrounds for XBLA and original Xbox games downloaded. Nothing for regular Xbox 360 games though, now the updates for all games appear on the "Updates/Unity Marketplace" available for download, I download and enable them but apparently they doesn't work (example: on CoD:BOII and CoD:Advanced Warfare, I update, enable the update and open the game and then go to System Link and it still shows version 0, on CoD:BOII it shows Version: 0 [Title Update #18 available] or something like that). Thank you. The Title IDs match. Something curious happened some minutes ago, I was adding some directories to scan (from an USB Stick different from the HDD where I have most of my games and Aurora) because I couldn't find some games as The Walking Dead (which does appears on FSD, same as all covers) and after various rescans of paths (and searchs for missing content in hope of obtaining the covers and updates while I was doing other stuff) on one of the searches for missing content suddenly the cover for CoD: BO II appeared. It still doesn't recognizes the TU from System Link inside the game even when the update is enabled. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the only XBLA game which doesn't shows me its cover and background is PAC-MAN CE DX+ and that all Xbox 360 games show me their information, rating on the marketplace and some of them like CoD: AW a little banner by the side of that rating. Thank you very much
  2. I have installed Aurora, I can access to my Unity account, I have livestrong disabled and xhttp enabled, I can play on LiNK, but I can't download updates or covers, it doesn't show them and besides when I push them, Unity adds them to my 'Q' and if I try to refresh the title from Aurora it detects the game has been submitted for assets download and when I push "Ok" it shows "Downloading (2) items" (I've pushed one update and one cover) but after it finishes downloading, neither the update nor the cover are installed. When I pick "Download missing assets" on Aurora's settings it always shows "Downloading (81) items" and it starts to decrease until it reaches 1 and then disappears, but nothing is installed at all. Help please, I don't want to have to download all the updates and covers from my PC and without them I can't play on LiNK properly because of version differences with other players. Thank you. Also, if I push "Download Missing Assets" again, it does the same thing again.
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