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  1. [Storage Device]/Games/Game Name/ disc 1/[ extract disc one here ] [Storage Device]/Games/Game Name/ disc 2/[ extract disc two here ]
  2. with rgh/jtag you can't play online MP, you may play only with System Link game which are supported.
  3. disable rss feed in the freestyle plugin, this has been answered 50 times
  4. Here is answer: Please try using the Search function, this has been discussed many times.
  5. Removed compatibility with BlueMountains Neo skin (different words) and repaired any bugs.
  6. bothers him still shines leds on the extHDD after shutdown Xbox. Ok, I'll tell him about hddalive and alive.txt, thanks mate
  7. Ok, thanks mate,I'll tell him to hddalive=true. I did not know that, because I have only internal HDD. And he must create alive.txt file on both extHDD?
  8. It is something between heaven and earth, it is a mystery :-D He don't have any plugins set for dashlaunch and hddalive is disabled.
  9. Thanks mate for your help and answers.My friend is noob but he try change language, changing USB ports, fresh install Aurora. This errors shows only when he start Xbox after unplug out power cable from Xbox and leave both extHDD in the USB ports. When only switch off Xbox and leave him in the electricity everything is ok. I told him to Xbox does not disconnect the power cord and everything is okay.
  10. Here is new log file with 1 extHDD debug.log.txt He using czech translation, It does not affect the language used because this error with bad string shows in the original english lang too.
  11. He send me this log file
  12. He have Slim, he using back USB ports, but he try one extHDD in the front and second extHDD in the back USB ports, same error.
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