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  1. Can I dual boot FSD3 with Aurora? Is Aurora stable enough to be used instead of FSD3?
  2. None of them are protected. I checked properties of the files that play and the files that do not play. All of them are AAC audio. Can not figure out what is the difference.
  3. From here: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/errors/error-code-19-04-80004005 it says it can play m4a. But when I browse songs from the blade or dash, some m4a files do not play.
  4. Can you stream unprotected m4a files from your computer using the xbox media player like this? I installed the optional media update on my RGH but still cannot play unprotected m4a files from my PC through network.
  5. What is specifically stored in the gamedata folder? When I changed my internal hdd I moved all files from my old hdd to the new one. But when I booted to FSD none of the games were being detected. I added paths but none of the games showed up in the library. So I deleted the FSD folder and copied in a fresh one and after that all games were detected again after I set up the paths. The main difference between the old and the new FSD folder was that the gamedata folder was about 2GB.
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145875 Will this work well? its the only 7200 rpm 1 TB hard drive but it is HGST
  7. But 7200 rpm drives do not come in 1TB
  8. I guess cache size will also effect that. Higher rpm drives have more cache too.
  9. Do you recommend 5400 or 7200 rpm?
  10. I have seen youtube videos of people using 500GB+ internal hdds with their RGH xboxes and I read that HDDHackr is only for people who use retail hard drives for their unmodded xboxes. Now I am confused
  11. Which internal hard drive do you use?
  12. What fan setting s should I use?
  13. I get 70-72 C in CPU, GPU and memory. I have not changed any fan settings yet. Do I need to fiddle with them?
  14. I have a Xbox 360 Corona 4GB RGHv2 with a 320 GB internal hard drive. FSD3 rev735 Dashlaunch 3.07 dash 16197. I want to change the internal hard drive. I have some questions regarding hard drives: 1. I heard that there may be problems if I use hard drives more than 1TB. Is that correct? 2. Can I use a 7200 rpm one or do I have to use 5400 rpm hard drive? Does an 7200 rpm hard drive make the console overheat? 3. Can you suggest me any 1TB and 2TB models? 4. Do I need to check for dimensions or will any 2.5 inch hard drive will do ? 5. After I install the new hard drive, I have to boot to NXE dash to format it, install avatars for my dash version and transfer all content from my old internal hard drive so that I will get all save games back. Am I missing any steps?
  15. Anywhere I can find a video tutorial for 1.40?
  16. I tried almost everything to make section 8 work. tried using GOD, extracted files from ISO extracted from GOD, extracted from GOD usinf wxpirs. The game does show up in FSD but does not run. I will try with XM 360.
  17. After I applied Title Update on Need for Speed Most Wanted I do not get fatal Crash intercepted on exit anymore. But I am having fatal crash intercepted on exit in Resident Evil Operation Racoon City. Applying any of the TUs do not help. Can this error be ignored? Still cannot figure out why I cannot load Section 8 Prejudice, The game simply does not load. I tried converting it to ISO then extracting the files, extracted it using wxpirs. The game shows up in the library. I tried loading it from FSD or xex menu and also manually from the file manager. Nothing happens. No logo, no black screen, no freeze, nothing
  18. I have some JTAG rips in zip and rar archives. I want to extract them directly to the xbox internal hdd through ftp. Is there a way to do this?
  19. Can I connect the xbox and PC to the internet using a switch which is connected to the cable modem? Or will I need a router for that?
  20. I have updated dashlaunch to 3.07. I have disabled contpatch from dashlaunch. Some of the games do not give fatal crash intercepted on exit anymore except Need For Speed Most Wanted. I am still having problem with Fable 2. When i try to start a new game I get the fatal crash intercepted message, Edit: I converted the ISO to GOD and now Fable 2 works Section 8 Prejudice just does not load. When I select it from FSD nothing happens. It does not have the signature file (the small 44 kB file) with it so I cannot convert it to ISO either. Edit: I tried extracting the GOD using wxPirs 1.1 but when I try to load the game from FSD I get the disc not detected message.
  21. I do all that but the progress bar in exiso does not move. I see a folder created in my xbox hdd and a file in it. The FSD status bar shows status:connected but no transfer speed is shown. Or maybe it takes longer than exiso GUI. I was trying to extract a .000 file to my xbox hdd through ftp as exiso-gui does not detect .000 files. There is no ini file in the exiso folder so I guess all settings are in the exe.
  22. I can not connect to ftp with this version. Where do I input username, password and port address?
  23. I enabled it as some of the games were not working and they work now
  24. I did not used to get this error before. Not sure if something I changed in DashLaunch is causing this. I use ExIso or Xbox image browser to extract ISO and FTP the files using FlashXP. If I use GOD I used ISO2GOD.
  25. Looks like I spoke too soon. now I am getting fatal crash intercepted in some games :S
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