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  1. Swizzy , this way that you show me i got listen music while i play... Thanks for you help.. Another question, you know any tutorial for me install xmplayer 0.0.3?
  2. So, i try, but when i open any video, my console lock, and i need reboot...
  3. Sorry, I expressed myself badly. I do not want to view video while playing. I like to listen to music while I play, and some program to open videos. I downloaded Xmplayer, got run by dashlauch, but when i play any video, the program lock... Sorry for bad english, and thanks for help. Edit. Swizzy how i click in Music player in xbox menu, show message for exit this session, you know another way?
  4. Hi, i have freestyle 3, and i wold whatch movies and listen music while I play any game. I got run by dashlauch, but not work. You can help me?
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