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  1. hello Thank you for the great update and the hard work I've read that with this new update i can import covers from the xbox hdd,this is something i need since my emulators don't have any covers However it says they can be imported from the import folder in the hdd but I don't know where that folder is.Can someone tell me please Thx in advance
  2. Huawei echo life HG520b compatible basic- nat-virtual server 1 rule index.application:link.protocol:all.Start port:3071.End port:3072.Local ip:the ip of your xbox.Start port(local):3071.End port local:3072
  3. ok thanks i'll see how i can set this up
  4. Hello can i install games with connectx to the internal hdd of my xbox(i use aurora)?Or is it only for streaming purposes? If not is there a way for me to transfer a game from my pc to the internal hdd of my xbox(without burning it on a dvd)?
  5. Thanks a lot mate i can finally truely enjoy my jtagged xbox to the full extent of it's capacities months ago i tried to get my console running on the internet(to get the game covers with aurora) and just gave up now all my games have covers thx to your message thx also for the kernel update guide this saved me some money
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