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  1. Hi, I need some help again. LiNK was working flawlessly at first but now once again I am getting the dreaded "Unable to join game session" in Black Ops 2. Please assist me.
  2. Ah... you are right I did not read your post fully.
  3. I pretty much the same issue and then I changed routers and bang it worked. I suggest you try it.
  4. Unfortunately not. Some routers, though with UPNP enabled, will not work straight away and do need port forwarding anyway.
  5. Have you given up on LiNK like I almost did? Have you done everything and it still does not work? Well this thread is a list to display compatible and non-compatible LiNK routers as the router actually can prevent you from playing on LiNK even if all results are a pass. For example, you will get the dreaded "Unable to join game session" on Black Ops 2. Compatible: 1) Asus RT-N56U (Tested with ports 1003 and 1004) (You must port forward for LiNK to work with UPNP enabled, works with ethernet and wifi) 2) TP-Link WDR-3600 with OpenWRT installed, used with UPNP enabled works with both ethernet and Wifi 3) Netgear DG834 & N300 using ethernet Non-compatible: 1) All technicolor routers (from Telstra in Australia) Kindly post compatible and non-compatible routers so that we can add to this list and assist other potential LiNK users. Also post whether you needed to port forward or it worked without port forwarding. Additionally, post whether it works with ethernet, wifi or both.
  6. Just to let you know my new ASUS router RT-N56U works like a charm I spent all that time with LiNK and it was all because of my router... We should start a thread of all routers compatible with LiNK. Cross any technicolor router (from telstra in Australia) off the list.
  7. Well then I gonna have to be pretty late to run tests with you... I live in Australia so yeah... I am getting a new router soon, hopefully that will work.
  8. Cater Williams

    LiNK Help

    I have tried everything. Forwarded ports and used a variety (also use tried the workaround by nuke), used different title updates, updated dashboard, installed avatar update. All tests pass and yet still after joining a room in bops 2 and connecting to a game I get "Unable to join game session". Really frustrating. The only thing I have not tried is a different ISP and a different router. Do you think that is the problem? Would appreciate the help.
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