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  1. h4d3z

    [REQ] Fable 2 trainer

    i didnt see it in there. i see it but it doenst load it says 0 compatible Does someone have the xex files ? i got the game from a well know "buckaneer" site : Fable 2 Platinum Edition [Region Free][gamerguuy]
  2. Does anyone still have the fable 2 trainer ?
  3. h4d3z

    Xbox doenst boot

    The thing is it used to run just fine but yeah that was like 4 years ago, I didnt do the rgh myself but ill see to open it up soon. It should be a rgh 2 on a jasper 16MB board. LOL tnx for the help man i opened it up and there was a wire not in a descent place i moved it a little and it booted into aurora
  4. So i havent touched it for a few years but wanted to play with it again. (the xbox XD ) I hooked it on and i see the green lights on the on button circle but the screen stays black. I tried different hdmi cables but still the same so i tried to boot into Xell and that worked so i did several kernel updates and still nothing. The green on light stays on but thats about it. Dont think this is a aurora problem but dont know where to put it. Tnx in advance for the help Moved from Aurora Support forum, coz its here better in place. Dr:Gonzo tnx
  5. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    lol, nope. but i am a host for the cod games. Also op pc no problem.
  6. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    on ps3 we have no problem playing games.
  7. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    We have a static ip in the router.
  8. Also in black ops 2. Same problem
  9. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    So heres the update : He updated hes dashlaunch and kernel. We tried resetting routers again but still the problem remains. Its also on Black Ops 2. He has a solid connection and i have a solid connection (ISP) We can play together for like 5 mins and then no more. I still cant make a room and he can. I have no idea what it could be. If someone knows please help me im thinking of trying xlink kai.
  10. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    Well I have a 100mbit fiber optical connection. But we can't join each other. He can make a room and I can't. He has a good connection too btw. We are also gonna test cod ghosts, maybe its a game related problem
  11. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    Tnx for the advice, will tell him this. It is still weird that i cant create a room for us and he can. Im thinking because of this : the problem is on my end.
  12. h4d3z

    Weird Link Problem

    So me and a friend wanted to play diablo 3 uee. My friend made a room and i can see his game and he could mine. I cant join him and he cant join me. We could join other people. This day we tried again and i could join his game so we started playing, after like 2 mins it said somthing about the host being moved and we got thrown out of the game. Then it happened again : i cant join him and he cant join me. Also when i trie to make a room on link nothing happens. He is on Dashlaunch 3.08 and i on 3.12. Could this be a problem ? Pingpatch is on and everything passes when we do a plugin test. The problem is on aurora en fsd.
  13. I am having this same problem. So is a friend of mine. Everything passes and still link is gray. *edit* All if fine now. Dunno how but I'm online [emoji1]
  14. Is this even possible? Grts Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
  15. Totally agree.Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
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