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  1. My friend and I are having difficulty connecting for some reason, we are both running the same TU and we have set the room up as per the tutorial ( actually, we've been playing it for the last 3 nights without problems ) we can see each other in the LiNK room but when we go to the in game menu and ' find game ', there's nothing. I tried going into a few other rooms where there were others playing just to check but still neither my xbox, or his, were picking up any games available to join. We both have the in-game region over ride deselected ( same language etc as well ) and the in game network settings set to ' system link 'Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this ? Any advice would be much appreciated EDIT : Apologies, it's just occurred to me that this should have gone in the ' support ' section
  2. Thank you so much, been looking everywhere for this and it was right under my nose here on rms all the time ! *smackshead*
  3. Thanks for your continued hard work, it's very much appreciated !
  4. Thanks for getting back to me, I have sorted it now, it was my ESET Security firewall blocking it. I had disabled ESET but for some reason the firewall has to be disabled separately, I just assumed that the firewall would go down when I disabled the whole fecking programme lol.
  5. I've followed the instructions to the letter ( 2 or 3 times now ) but I still keep getting a message saying my PC can't find my xbox I've switched off my firewalls etc but still no joy :(Don't know if it's relevant but I'm running windows 7 64 bit ??
  6. Hi, I'm "relatively" new to this and I was curious to know why you need to do this, can't you just go to general settings / updates / and see what dash, skin and plugin updates are available to download from there ?
  7. Accurate up to stage 10. I'm not getting 4 sub folders, I'm only getting 1 Anyone got any ideas what's wrong please ?
  8. I don't have blops but I'll hook up for any borderlands or diablo 3 thats going ?
  9. Just dropped in to say hi and introduce myself. I'm from Birmingham in the UK (huge Villa fan) I'm 42, a comic book geek and a sci fi fanatic (Alien=best movie ever made, although Watchmen was a close second) I enjoy RPG's,especially Skyrim, I'm not much into FPS games (apart from Borderlands 1+2, I love those) The games I'd mostly be interested in hooking up for atm would be Diablo 3, Borderlands 1 or 2 and I'm also a massive fan of Magic the gathering, although I'm more than happy to give any game a go really. Feel free to chuck me a FR if you want to hook up. Looking forward to kicking some ass with you all
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