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  1. I know it's more than a little late to reply however... If you are looking for services NOFEL is still in business http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/81221-Mods-Repairs-RGH-Jasper-Slim-Consoles-For-Sale WNY Console Services is closed for sales and services! The only sales available are listed in the clickable link below. Current/past customers can contact me at info@wnyconsoleservices.com for service/support until 6/2016. After such time e-mails will simply not be replied to. Please DO NOT contact me to purchase pre-mod consoles or services for your XBOX 360. It has been a great 5+ years offering sales and services to this amazing group! rdubbs stopped offering services a couple years ago
  2. update your kernel to 17349 and update your dashlaunch to 3.15
  3. you want to make a mod menu that is yours, but you want someone else to make it for you and you will give credit to that person good one what is stupid here is your post, not the reactions
  4. if it helps you some time ago i rebuilt MAME 0.70 and uploaded the set to Usenet to match the 0.70 MAME emu not sure if it may still be available for download from your news server if you have one, but the set is floating around out there somewhere
  5. spend some money and buy an elgato?
  6. OP good job with your first post, posting someone elses tool with shit adfly links your thread should be deleted
  7. if you havent checked out 360 Content Manager you may want to give it a try
  8. hello, why do you feel the need to type in all caps? most people on this forum can read lower case very well
  9. Downgrading Slim PS3 NOR models to OFW 3.55 The downgrade service includes: 1. A complete cleaning of the inside of your console. 2. New thermal compound on your heat sinks. (Artic Silver 5) 3. Downgrade to OFW 3.55 and upgrade to any CFW of your choice. (currently installing Rebug 4.70.1 REX / D-REX unless you request another CFW) 4. Install the latest Multiman, Irisman, Showtime, PSN Patch, SEN Enabler and other homebrew as requested CECH-20xx CECH-21xx CECH-25xx (CECH-25xxA or B - DOUBLE CHECK with MinVerChk NEEDS to say 3.55 OR BELOW 3.55) please absolutely NO consoles from homes with cockroaches/bedbugs, consoles found to have bugs will be returned at your expense!! please ensure your console is in full working order, all consoles will be tested for functionality before downgrading, broken consoles will be returned at your expense unless otherwise agreed on. CEX/REX - $50 + $12 USPS medium flat shipping or include your own return label (preferred) DEX/D-REX - $60 + $12 USPS medium flat shipping or include your own return label (preferred) (i also recommend buying insurance in the amount of $200 just in case! it only costs and extra $2 or so) Ship your console as you would want it shipped to you, I will be using the SAME packing material you send your console with, I CANNOT be responsible for any damage caused while in transit, so make sure you pack it well. Also flashing CFW to Phat (Sorry no slims) model Xbox 360's (includes clean and removal of dust) send console = $25 +$12 USPS medium flat box or include your own return label (preferred) send drive only = $25 +$7 USPS flat rate padded envelope or include your own return label (preferred) (i also recommend buying insurance in the amount of $200 just in case! it only costs and extra $2 or so) depending on what day i receive your console depends on handling time, i downgrade on thursday / friday / saturday, i do work a full time job and have a family and i do this as a hobby for fun in my spare time payment = verified paypal , google wallet, amazon gift card, cash/money order (if paying by paypal please include fees (+2.9% + .30 = $2.10) Prices are FIRM and non-negotiable - payment to be made within 72 hours upon completion of service, failure to do so may result in forfeit of items/monies rendered unless otherwise discussed. I am located 20minutes outside of Worcester, MA for local drop off/pick up Send PM with model # (and MinVerChk results if 25xx) if interested http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/ps3-slim-nor-service.1306274/ p.s. - if your console is a pile of junk, please don't bother to send it to me
  10. with a multi disc game you can always search google with the search term "jtag install (gamename)" same games are as easy as DISC 1 and DISC 2, others are DISC # and content from other disc to internal hdd, others require you to run the disc to install content i tried it once for you with shadow of mordor so you can see how easy it is if you need help in the future
  11. i tried clicking my heels and waving my magic wand but it is still down sorry
  12. ebay'd thanks for looking
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