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  1. Thank you guys! I haven't messed with the 360 in a while. I really appreciate coming back here and finding what I needed!!
  2. Hello, I wanted to thank you for another great release! The GUI was a smooth and easy transition to the latest dash. The required Avatar update did give me an issue that I haven't seen anyone else address. When you use the GUI to prepare your flash drive it does a great job but doesn't rename your update from $SystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate. This will stop you in your tracks unless you do not have a Kinect then maybe you won't even have the issue. Anyway... Thank you!
  3. Rated 5, left comment and downloaded. Thank you for including us and for all of your hard work!
  4. You guys are freaking amazing! I appreciate the years of of hard work and support for us. My son and I have benefited greatly from these releases and I hope this all carries over to the next gen consoles as well. Thank you!
  5. That's my go to. I tried using that in the beginning using ftp. No go. Thank you for your input. I appreciate that
  6. I unlocked, activated contpatch. Nothing. Then I made a 00B0000 Title Update folder within the game and still nothing. Thank you for trying to help. I appreciate that
  7. Guardians of Middle Earth DLC issue - Please help Hello, I am having an issue with my sons Xbox 360 RGH. We have Guardians of Middle Earth. We also have all DLC and a activated TU5. None of the DLC shows. I know there's a season pass but I do not have it due to it's nowhere to be found online. Has anyone got this DLC to work? I have Googled and found no one anywhere talking about this issue which makes me think that this is a user error. I have placed the DLC in the 0000002 folder and the TU5 has been placed automatically into the HDD/Cache. All Media/Tiitle ID's match both the DLC and the TU as well as the game. I'm wondering if this is just a matter of needing the season pass? I would think that if I needed the season pass it would be included within the numerous all inclusive DLC packs available online for download. As I asked before... Has anyone gotten this DLC to work or have any ideas? Thank you for reading
  8. Instead of using the GOD package use the ISO_rebuild. Extract the ISO. Pull the folder from the Content/000000000000000000/5841128F and copy that to your internal HDD. Then scan for content using your Aurora. Download BOTH TU 7's. Activate one and try the game. If it works you are finished. If it doesn't work activate the other. You are done.
  9. Wow. You are missing out. FSD was great but Aurora has new features that you need and don't even realize it. If skins are the issue there are plenty. Can't wait until the latest from the greatest!
  10. Ok. Thank you for the response. I'll re-copy onto FAT 32
  11. Hello, It's one partition but it is MAC formatted. Maybe that's the issue?
  12. Hello! I just condesned my hard drives to one single Passport Hard Drive. Aurora doesn't detect it? Is there a fix? I can launch from file browser or XEXmenu?
  13. Very happy to hear about the update although the current is working great! I will update as soon as it is available. Donation heading your way this week. Thank you!
  14. Excellent release. Thank you very much!
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