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  1. i try already...but sometime pass sometime fail...mostly my udp fail.. >.< if udp fail i cannot play link rite?
  2. my tcp pass..but my udp fail...kindly sad...any 1 know setting for aztech router :-)
  3. thx for tell this...now i know how to play multi disc/dvd on god file..thx very much bro.. +rep
  4. any1 can play on cd after update kernel and fsd?i cannot play from cd...cd with version 3.0 also cannot play..when i press play,will booting on fsd dash back >.< can help me?
  5. my weather run perfectly thx for the api key ^_^if we change original skin..will make fsd lag?or got other reason?because my fsd lagging when want open folder.. >.<
  6. hello guys/girls...i got some problem...i cannot play some of dance game,becoz when i booting that game..got white box out say "version mismatch"any1 know how to resolve this problem?thx for helping...
  7. can i remove hidden game?coz i got 2 same name on 1 game...
  8. how to put extra background into skin?can teach me?
  9. where to put that @@ah..nvm..i know already..example > ContentE00005B6529xxxx4156084500000001 < thx for the save
  10. can i put jpg file on that theme?coz i got 1 .xzp file..but inside that file can i put my custom theme?if can..how to fix or need convert jpg picture or other format?
  11. if i download cover from jqe360 website...did i need rename that cover to tittle id?coz my xbox no internet connection...and where to put that cover?
  12. can use on new fsd version 3 rev 735?and dashboard 3.07..#newbie here :-(
  13. yeah...finally...i update my kernel to 16203...can see link...and all work perfect..
  14. my kernel 1557..need i update to 16203 also?really confuse about this... can some 1 help me?
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