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  1. Szuper lett a fordítás, csak annyi kiegészítés/javítás kellene bele, hogy a kereséseknél (elérési utak, TU-k) az autómatikus helyett automatikus kellene, tehát rövid o-val.
  2. Any chance for support of avatars either embedded or as a separate addon? It just cool to see your avatar somewhere on the screen .....makes it more personal.
  3. Thank you very much you just made my day ... it works like a charm now. (Does it hurt if I leave the Livestrong setting disabled permanently?)
  4. Dear devs, I recently bought a XBOX E /w 1TB RGH and Aurora 0.5b installed on. I can search for new content but I have only front and background covers , and no additional data like as: Synopsis, marketplace rating, preview pics etc.... What can I do to fix it? How can I download these data? Thank you
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