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Found 5 results

  1. Dear devs, I recently bought a XBOX E /w 1TB RGH and Aurora 0.5b installed on. I can search for new content but I have only front and background covers , and no additional data like as: Synopsis, marketplace rating, preview pics etc.... What can I do to fix it? How can I download these data? Thank you
  2. Hi guys i need your help please. i have aurora 0.5b and today i played FIFA 16 and after i quit the game my HOMEBREW was opened and i saw 3 icons that i ever saw (dashlaunch , speed60 and speed80 ) so i deteled them because i thought thats was are just a short cuts and then my xbox was restarted and power on after 5-7 minute and then my original xbox dashboard show on. i cant come back to the aurora version. please guys help me what to do. ( sorry for my english its not so well ).
  3. STREET FIGHTER SKIN BY POLAR INTRO SOUND: ONE COIN MAIN BACKGROUND SONGS; ARCADE SOUND BITES+GUILE STAGE GUITAR COVER+KEN STAGE GUITAR COVER BY FAMILYJULES7X FROM YOUTUBE you can choose any languague on your xbox leave a comment or give me one like download here SF skin+layouts.rar extract the file from .rar and put the .xzp archive here path: aurora/skins I added some layouts made by daniel col II(69davimz) and fertingax360,used by permission, path aurora/media/layout i don't do skins for request but you can give me new fresh ideas others skins that i've made for this commmunity http://www.realmodsc...for-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...nnormal-screen/ http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...05b/#entry50353 http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/
  4. samurai shodown skin aurora 0.5b intro sound:sounds bites from arcade machine main background song:select screen sounds from ss 2 and SS sen download here S spirit.rar path: Aurora/Skins PLEASE leave a comment below i dont do skins for request but you can give me new fresh ideas others skins that i've made for this commmunity http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6039-sega-sonic-2-skins-for-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6012-batman-dknight-arises-2-skin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5954-metal-gear-saga-skin-aurora-05b/#entry50353 ou must install this archive...(layout)..then select ....flock small by fertinga ,this is for smallers game covers as you can see in the screen captures path: Aurora/Media/Layouts link layout layouts by 69davimz and fertinga.rar
  5. Aurora 0.5B downloading this Backgrounds in poor quality in comparison the 775 freestyle help me as this low quality for my television and full hd and the background is with bad quality; do not want to switch to freestyle found the very best aurora but she has this problem
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