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  1. Connection is very good,its in front of router
  2. When i am connecting to "server" it kickes me and says unable to connect to host,what to do?(i know few are made topic about that but noone gived a solution I mean how others can play but I cant?)
  3. I also have problem on Aurora 0.5b dashboard
  4. No,its because i dont know everything,i was always PC gamer so playing on Xbox for me is a big change!
  5. Ok,i dont know how to edit but thanks anyway ill try it first and thanks!
  6. Ok,ill do it,please PM you first,thanks
  7. I have Aurora on HDD and i am saving changed settings on Daslaunch through HDD but still when i am turning on XB it shows FSD!!
  8. I dont undertand,can you please tell step by step what should i do on Dashboard?
  9. Yes I am and I was doing everything on my router and still not working(THOPSON TG782i)
  10. How i can make that Aurora is default "boot" i am always changing this on dashlaunch and saving through HDD but still when i am turning on xbox its still FreeStyle
  11. i also want to play but on my FSD says DATA and BROADCAST PORT FAIL!
  12. 1) ok 2)where on settings,i cant find ti? 3)So did will work on Aurora?
  13. I have also that problem and cant find solution?
  14. And why my xbox cant find TU updates but on ex.COD GHOSTS says #17 avaliable
  15. Whats user name and password for 192.168.xxx:9999 ?
  16. I read dont thinks that i am lazy but i dont understand!
  17. I did it and still i get fail on verifying LiNK
  18. 2)Lol hahah 1)so can you please tell me how to fix it?
  19. 1)WIFI 2)Ill try,thanks 3)ok,sorry br0 4)But how,i dont know how to do it?
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