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  1. Uploaded my launch.ini, not sure If anything can block title updates from it. Also have deleted it from my xbox and made a fresh one. I've literally ran out of ideas.
  2. The covers are downloading fine, I cant download any title updates by doing the Y, Manage Title Updates, Download updates . They all show "no updates found" Also it is disabled Another Update: Deleted every single title update on my console, cache or otherwise. Also cleared cache again to be safe. No luck still. So basically, As of now, I have completely removed my FSD3 and Dashlaunch, cleared cache, deleted all title updates. and restarted console. Reinstalled FSD3, Dashlaunch 3.12. Still no updates found. On default theme. The Covers all download fine but it just won't seem to find any title updates. launch.rar
  3. So after changing my theme on FSD I found out I couldn't download any title updates. So I've read around and saw that could be the problem, reset back to default theme. Reset my theme settings. Still can't download any title updates. So I deleted my FSD3 folder and reinstalled a fresh copy, still cant. Cleared the Cache on console, reset multiple times. Not sure what to do at this point. Even tried downloading a theme just to reset it back to the default theme again. Anyone have any clue? Even Uninstalled and reinstalled my dashlaunch. Edit: Forgot to mention I have console connected to JQE360. Is deleting the FSD folder enough to remove all its data from the console? Dashlaunch 3.12, Freestyle 3.0b rev 755, default theme
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