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  1. why? sorry but games code or when i move options on nxe menu the xbox can change resolution.... you can't add some code before launch the xex for change the games resolution? sorry if sound like stupid question.. but i really don't know how 360 system works
  2. thats way i havent find it.. i havent try with internet connection. swizzy any chance in future release a path for cover? every time we do a fresh install we need to redownload all pic file
  3. where is the Easter egg? i have try all... without fortune
  4. Same problem here.. and sometimes aurora freeze when i try to change Tu path
  5. Hello. Sonetimes my Aurora 0.4 freeze on tu path CHANGE (from hddx to usbMU0), exist a way to setup tu path from the start?
  6. Sometimes , aurora set tu folder on INTERNALHD but i haven't it. If i try to change it with Y aurora freeze and i cant select tu. How to setup from the start USBmu for tu?
  7. Who follow the multiplayer plugin? FSd team its off... Se can have more plugin release or not? I want ask the addiction of vigor2800g router upnp... Aurora team Can update LINK?
  8. Emunand? Wii and 3ds can redirect nand data to another device, can be possible with Xbox?
  9. Hi swizzy, i have setup screenshot key combo, in game works very well, but i can't screenshot aurora why? Do u add fan speed in future? Do u add a personal webui 9999? Its possble add som features like "refresh usb?" I have a lazy 2nd usb hd, and i need to reconnect it or metro or aurora not recognize it. Time to change miniblade mod with "retun to Aurora" ? Thank u very much!! Aurora is amazing
  10. The internal downloader not work? I have change the apikey..
  11. Mmm for my opinion "homebrew" is only the libxenon stuff. I love xex program and i love aurora and ds, but ,again without the free source for my personal opinion isnt "homebrew"
  12. Hello, i cant download tu. I can list it, but when i press download an error comeout
  13. hi swizzy! thanks for the answer and the aurora support/works! I mean select the folder with cover.. like i do on "wii" loader, on wii i have 1 cover folder and i use/share it with 3 loader. On xbox360 every time i need to re-download the cover, and now i have fs3 with is cover, and aurora with the same cover on another folder (i think...)
  14. why xbox not have a cover folder like wii?
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