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  1. All the tests pass except the one for checking whether I have a UPNP enabled router! I can't understand this as I definitely have UPNP enabled on the router's settings page. Moreover I have a Roberts Internet Radio that I stream music to from a Synology NAS using UPNP. Any solutions to this at all please? The router is a ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A. At this stage I would be grateful for some advice please!!! Thank you very much.
  2. Could someone please tell me the distinction between "Homebrew" and "Applications" with regard to adding paths? I thought they were both the same....would XBLA stuff qualify as "Applications"? Can't figure it out...thank you!
  3. lol yeah I was thinking the same but wasn't confident enough to say....basically the "solution" is deleting it's cover and re-downloading it??!?
  4. Nice one mate. The TITLEID for the one I've got is 504787d8 but Xbox Unity already has a listing for Plants vs. Zombies (584109FF). lol probably be easier just to re download!!!
  5. I have Planets vs. Zombies but when I do a scan it comes up as Popcap Collection and has no cover. When I rename it and press refresh it simply goes back to Popcap. May I ask how does someone get the right cover when the scan fails? Thank.
  6. Bit of a noob but I think I'm all set up....one question please!? I don't have any game banners or screenshots (I have a few backgrounds but not all). Can some kind soul please tell me where to source such content? I have the covers from JQE360.com. Of course I did a search and found that I should check DashLaunch's livestrong setting.....anxious about connecting to XBL though....thanks
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