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  1. Hello, i was very inactive at xbox. Did some other Projects. Normaly there are no optional steps, but maybe there is an easyer way. I didn't rellay know much about xbox and hacks and so on. If just searched hours and hours for custom texturepacks on the internet after tu but didn't find any working tutorial. After using any tutorial and finaly get a working solution i thought i upload this for other that maybe want the same as me. I'ts fine that i could helped some of you
  2. ahh very bad. So i have to switch cables if i wan't to play n64
  3. tombo

    Minecraft issue?

    Hi, did u try downloading it via aurora or Fsd? I've uploaded the newest Titleupdate with hoppers and everything to Xboxunity. For me everything works. What's your Dashboard version?
  4. Hi, you can do allo of this things. All you want is in Dashlaunch. In dashlaunch you can set the fan speed to a new temperature Treshold this is much better than just defining a normal fanspeed. You can define the aurora.xex as default so it will Launch aurora dashboiard as default. And also liveblock settings are made in Dashlaunch too.
  5. Hi, if i hook it up via Av cable everything is working as expcted. Maybe this has to do with the hdmi Handshake and i should flash the disable wait for HDMI functoin? Yeah and i'm getting a Xell Image on the screen just for one Second. If it's a Corona there must be no Signal at all. Since i can see something with av now i can see update to xell reloaded v993 was succesfull Mupen is starting with av.
  6. No other way instead of opening? So if i'm right Coronas did'nt have Hana or? But i've soldered STB_SLK to Hana. trust me I'm shure it is a Trinity because i was confused beore doing an rgh which motherboard it really is. Maybe you an talk at efnet directly to me? I'm online and sitting in front of console trying to fix this problem. After updating i get a short flash o Xell then it goes to blackscreen or better to say Display shows no signal. I can only se blue Xell Logo and first 2 or 3 lines of code
  7. I'm shure i have a Trinity. If i open my nand in any Program it shows trinity. I have 16mb Nand. How to be shure it's a Trinity or corona. But from all pictures i've seen used etc i'm 100% shure it's a trinity. So i have to use mupen 993 only not beta v2 or something else. and try to update to xell 993+. But i can't find a + version and also i hae updatet my nand with xebuild so there should be xelll reloaded included. so i'll do a complete update on 17150 and make shure xell reloaded is marked.
  8. Hi, sorry for my bad english but i think you understand me wrong. I get a black image at booting xell, and also on waiting until it evuentually gets loaded mupen. I really don't know which version because i can't see anything over Hdmi. There is such a ton of posts avalibe so I'm a little bit lost. Did i need to reflash my Xell with Xell reloaded 993. But i read that usbflash with udpflash.bin doesn't work properply. Whats the easyst way to update. I tried all versions of Mupen i found. last was 993 betav2
  9. Hi, i have Xbox since Xenon with Jtag hack. I uses Mupen on my Phat Consoles. But now i have a slim and i tried everything and didn't get it to work. I have a Trinitty with RGH 2. Dashlaunch v 3.13 and aurora 0.4b installed. If i boot Xell via eject i didn't get any picture. Also tried it via dashlaunch. It's the same. So last option was Xelllaunch. I'm getting something on the screen and loading the elf. But then it stops at loading kernel. I have all files in the root of formatted USB drive. I have tried nearly all Versions i found on net. Hope someone can help me to get this back working.
  10. tombo

    Netflix 2.01

    Here you get version 2.13 but i think it's not european http://netflix.dl.playstation.net/ne...XRIGEL01NA.pkg I know mutch about Ps3 but it's possible to copy it from retrail Ps3 to usb stick? because i can do this too tomoorow at a friends house.
  11. tombo

    Netflix 2.01

    ´sorry just over read this
  12. tombo

    Netflix 2.01

    Hi, did you look at Didiex? I don't know i it's the european Version. http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/apps-xbox-360/12277-netflix-app-download-xbox-360-metro-dashboard.html If not i can hook up my retrail and download it for you.
  13. tombo

    USB Hub

    Hi, just testet with passive hub one hdd and usb stick, works but maybe you'll need aktive hub if the two hdds are 2,5" and don't become enough power trough one Usb slot of xbox. I don't now how much mA xbox outputs.
  14. Done, thanks if someone needs covers, you can pm me i'll make some.
  15. Where are you locatet? I have one but I'm from germany.
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