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  1. I download it from here. Download the version 2 and overwrite only the freestyleplugin.xex file to your aurora/plugin folder http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5384-enjoy-aurora-get-this-custom-hud-theme-and-post-to-help-support-the-phoenix-dev-team-2-new-versions-july-4/
  2. Look nice! I think dark green will look great as well. But use this color code instead #12a612. Below is edited image only I'm using this loading screen. It matches the skin. I've actually taken the green color code from the HUD plugin
  3. Wow thanks man. I will try this once I get home and post some screenshots
  4. Wow like the transparent effect. I hope you can make another one with green instead of blue using color scheme below. Thank you so much
  5. Yea everything is working fine. I hope they can change the freestyle plugin. At least change the name to aurora instead of freestyle home for the sake of the experience and remove the bottom black bar that showing the game detail. Do that then they can call it the final version of aurora 😊
  6. I bet they are busy playing their new ps4. Bye2 aurora
  7. I pushed a custom cover to aurora and i dont like it then i push another one in order to replace it. aurora wont download the new one that i choose. It just keeps downloading the old cover. Pls help
  8. When will the next update release? I hope it will replace the old fsd plugin
  9. This is my fav skin so far. Thank you for making this
  10. When will the next release be public? Maybe there wont be any release anymore coz the dev already got an xbox one for christmas. ðŸ˜
  11. Yes just figure it out. I just press refresh on game details menu it all download nicely 👠finally
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