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  1. GREENSteamOS.xzp 4 Варианта на выбор, полностью зеленого цвета мне не удалось сделать, только частично. 100% и 50% это степень прозрачности нижней панели. Отлично работают на Aurora 0.7b.1 Надеюсь автор еще вернется. GREENSteamOS.xzp Blue_SteamOS50%.xzp Blue_SteamOS100%.xzp GREEN-X_SteamOS.xzp
  2. Diks13

    [Skin] Aurora SteamOS

    Developer great hello! and many thanks for the work done. I want to help me and the other guys, we are waiting for the skin where the transparent bottom panel, and the menu with green items, the color is like in the original skin. I do not understand anything in modification, it only remains to ask the creator. We asked to do this in a neighboring topic, but I hope you have time and we will see it.
  3. Please upgrade to 07b, black boot background + green menu items. It looks great! I look forward to it.