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  1. The xbox interface is 10/100 Mbps, and remember the ISP internet speed must be divided by 12 for example if you have a internet connection of 25mbps divide by 12 to get the real download speed so 25 * 1024 (to get kbps) / 12 = 2133 kbps real download/upload speed. Some times the upload speed is less than the internet connection contracted but depends of your country and the terms of the contract with your ISP.
  2. Disclaimer: I own the original disk of Diablo III and Diablo III Reaper of souls collectors edition, Real Mod Scene have very clear rules about piracy and this post doesn't promote piracy. Hello I have some problems with Diablo III and Diablo III reaper of souls (expansion pack) and Aurora 0.5b, specifically in the Ferryman mission, after 10 seconds to talking to the Ferryman the game freezes and a error says something like fatal crash found, I try with both games and the same happens so is impossible to blame the game files, try this first, clean you db and scan again and try the game, if not works, make a backup and delete the entire data folder in your Aurora, and scan again (this would delete all downloaded data) this works for me, I found a lots of post in other forums about this issue and one post here. Don't feel shy if you found fixes or a technical knowledge about this issue, please contribute!
  3. Guatemala! I would try to take a picture of the guys selling stuff in the front of the police station that's very funny
  4. Swizzy, I would definitely take your advice, I'm gone to do this in weekend and let you know how is work, thanks!
  5. Hi, So the solution for my problem is delete just the content.db under the data folder, I try this because in the debug file says that the database is corrupted so I think I have luck this time I let this as reference
  6. In my country its illegal to copy anything but no body do something about you can copy music, movies, games and software and sell it in the door of the police station, even the policy agents buy you music and movies lol
  7. Hi Swizzy, thanks for the reply, yes I have a power loss a minute before the crash, I would delete the data folder and start over
  8. For me the work you guys do its the biggest, the second and third all your code and apps
  9. Hello, I try run some apps in an external hardrive that its connected to a Windows computer, obviously I use connectx, everything was ok but an app give a fatal crash error when use it,( I dont remember exactly the error message ) after the error Aurora home shows but without all my apps, so I check the debug log file and this came out: { "time" : "22:08:26.472", "thread" : "0xF9000034", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "AuroraSql", "message" : "AddGameTitleItem FAILED - Content Probably Already Exists - file: Tools\\SQLite\\Kompex\\KompexSQLiteStatement.cpp\nline: 118\nerror: database disk image is malformed\n" } I already delete all the scan paths and set again and scan again, but no apps show, the scan depth is 6, connectx doesn't have issues to connect to the windows computer, I can explore without problem the disk and launch the default.xex, any help would be appreciated, I really dont want to loose all my settings so Im trying to avoid to use a fresh aurora package, theres any way to backup aurora config?
  10. Spread the word about this project I'm on this in latin gamers groups at Facebook I thinks this is the second biggest cool homebrew for the x360
  11. Hello, I have Destiny The Taken King in a ISO, I use Xbox-Image-Browser-v2.9.0.345 to convert to RGH format, after two scans I can't see Destiny in Aurora anyone have this problem? Or anyone with the functional game?
  12. Both links of the mscomctl.ocx are dead, here a new link: http://originaldll.com/download/7697.ocx Virustotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/8181bd2eafab915a64967161a6df5309c504b7bf0563484665da0c8739bdeee4/analysis/ Check again if you want.
  13. Ok sorry Swizzy, I will wait this guy to close and open his thread in the proper area.
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