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  1. Hi guys, I saw this add the other day from a guy selling his reset glitch hacked Jasper, but it has some problems. The gamepad wont connect at all and it wont show any video. The gamepad only connects when the hard drive is removed but it still wont boot. I was thinking of buying it since its really cheap - $50. Is there any way to fix it?
  2. He put me off until I seen your post prayer Thanks Well for some strange reason Im not "allowed" to use the private message system, whats up with that lol? Btw youre welcome, and I did try to reply to your pm but no luck
  3. I'm glad you got it to work! Maybe you could post your procedure step-by-step so others may learn on our mistakes?For me it was booting to NXE/METRO dashboard and via XexMenu deleting my FSD folder and launch.ini, after that I ran Dashlaunch's installer, uninstalled Dashlaunch (the installer was the same version as my old Dashlaunch) then downloaded and installed the latest version of Dashlaunch with FSD.
  4. thank you, now I am only to work out which bloody key is to bring me into mx dashboardRemove your memory card and boot your console without it.
  5. Delete the FSD folder and the "launch.ini" file. Then you will have to Install the latest version of FSD and Dashlaunch. You will do that by downloading Dashlaunch and FSD from here (realmodscene), copying them on a Fat32 formated USB stick and then via XexMenu copy those files to you 512 mb memory unit. After you have done that run Dashlaunch from the installer folder and set the "Default" path to point to FSD'S "default.xex" file that's located in your FSD folder, save your settings in Dashlaunch by pressing X (I think) and after you restart your console it should boot straight into FSD. Edit: Also try to remove your memory card and boot your console without it and see if it boots ok.
  6. Owh I see. Well it all depends on how you set it in Dashlaunch. Usually you need to hold X while you're booting but as I said it doesn't have to be that way. Just try holding a different button everytime you boot your console untill you get it right.
  7. Have you tried booting your xbox without your external plugged in? Edit: On your external HDD do you have a launch.ini file and a Freestyle Dash folder (or something like that)?
  8. It's all USB no hard mod. First of all you are going to install XexMenu. Here is a tutorial on how to do it: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php/84818-TUT-Installing-XeX-Menu-N00B-Friendly By the way do you have an internal or external HDD? Also what kernel version are you on?
  9. This happened once to me. Just uninstall Dashlaunch and delete FSD via Xexmenu. After that do a fresh install of everything ( FSD and Dashlaunch )
  10. Prayer

    F3 wont start

    You should update your kernel and then do a fresh install of FSD.
  11. I guess it's the only option.
  12. It seems your Xbox doesn't have enough power to spin both HDD's. Do you have maybe a Kinect densor plugged in your console by any chance, because they tend to drain alot of power.
  13. Prayer

    PCSXR game list

    I F'ing love that game!
  14. Is the 1 tb an internal or external HDD?
  15. Prayer

    PCSXR game list

    Tomba is working fine, only the intro is kinda laggy.
  16. Prayer

    F3 wont start

    Reinstall FSD.
  17. Sounds like a Dashlaunch problem. Reinstall FSD and Dashlaunch just to be sure.
  18. Tomba 1 & 2 here I come
  19. The question is can the console handle it?
  20. You should move your FSD folder to you 80 gb HDD. It's not wise to hold it in your 4gb chip.
  21. My condolences. Even though it's kinda late
  22. Really nice and noob friendly tutorial. Thanks!
  23. I don't see why not.
  24. I'm not sure about the pictures and music but everything else looks ok.
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