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  1. Thanks! I take it, the rest of the date will nonetheless be lost? Or it'll create this partition on empty space? Also does fatexplorer from eaton work to this end (formatting the whole hdd)?
  2. Hm, what to do if my profile is on internal hdd (512 mb), which is too small to fit those DLCs and the only other big drive I'm using is external fat32 formatted usb drive? I mean, I got the idea, but how to address the space problem?
  3. All solved - I made a topic in support section, got help, now it is fixed. My posts here can be deleted. Seems the problem was with running out of space upon update (512 mb internal). Maybe there is something in the update code.
  4. Firstly my guess on what goes wrong. I think, when all 3 beta updates are selected at a time, it somehow runs out of 512 mb of internal memory card, so the system can neither complete the update, nor boot properly. Now how to solve it follows. Ok, here is a walkthrough: 1. - boot into system by hitting RB when you see the logo, otherwise it'll just be stuck. 2. - follow this guide: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php/84818-TUT-Installing-XeX-Menu-N00B-Friendly If xex menu exits right after it starts - make sure you've disconnected the drive from which you've copied it. 3. - Delete the FSD folder and the "launch.ini" file. Then you will have to Install the latest version of FSD and Dashlaunch. You will do that by downloading Dashlaunch and FSD from here (realmodscene), copying them on a Fat32 formated USB stick and then via XexMenu copy those files to you 512 mb memory unit. 4. - Run Dashlaunch from the installer folder and set the "Default" path to point to FSD'S "default.xex" file that's located in your FSD folder, save your settings in Dashlaunch by pressing RB, choosing nand and pressing X and after you restart your console it should boot straight into FSD. All thanks go to Prayer. Should you have questions - drop me a like I'll help.
  5. Oh, but I am booting it without a memory card. In fact, once it booted, I think it showed 0 free space... Mayhap, the problem with booting up lies with 0 free space, but then it'd boot every time... Maybe I should try booting with the flashstick in. UPD: when I pess the "power on" button quickly during the logo animation - it brings up the menu, which then freezes before I can choose anything. Making me think my internal hdd is simply full and there is no space for "cache", possibly. Might be update could not complete properly as it ran out of space and now I can' boot to put xex and fix this as I can't access the internal 512 mb hdd... No button seems to fix the problem. Final upd: I got it to work. Thank you, Prayer. Would not have done it without you. Though several things did not go as you described (booting past frozen logo and xex menu died at some point and had to be reflashed), I got around them (for frozen menu hitting rb repeatedly as the logo is booting).
  6. thank you, now I am only to work out which bloody key is to bring me into mx dashboard
  7. I'm on it. what do I do once I'm done with getting XEX running?
  8. Oh I have misunderstood your question. My FSD is on internal 512 hdd. I am using external hdd (flash stick) to repair it. I have no direct access to the files as of yet. So how do I boot bypassing disfunctional fsd? which button?
  9. I've external hdd. There is some 512 mb one inside. Kernel - bah, where do I look and what is the key to make it boot into ms dash? I've managed twice, but not sure which key I was using. What do I do once I get the XexMenu going?
  10. How do I do it without direct access to the inside of the box? Some guy flashed it for me - he put his seal on the box, so jtag-related stuff is on his guarantee, unfortunately, he is in another town, so I'll be shipping it to him lest I can fix it somehow with only usb ports available to me. Can you help me with a walkthrough, please? If usb access is sufficient.
  11. Ticked beta updates, updated all. It asked to restart - I confirmed. It didn't boot for some 20 minutes afterwards - black screen. So eventually I powered it down and back on again. Now it is not booting into fsd at all. It does, however, boot into MS dashboard if I hold gamepag key to bypass. I am on jasper arcade. Dashboard >1.5. before that had fsd build 485 or smth like that. What am I to do now? Desperate. I'm new to jtag - just got it flashed. P.s. Sorry I asked the same question in the wrong place.
  12. Just updated via internal menu. It freezes on xbox logo. Any help would be appreciated (n00b when it comes to jtag). Once booted into ms dash after I jerked around joystick... Not sure if this is the place to ask...
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