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  1. I can help you , please PM me if you have interrest. I can also make you a UPDFLASH.BIN just to update if you dont know how to make it yourself. Here is my EMAIL oOBlackTeresisOo@gmail.com send me a message.
  2. It may take more time to get a Beta stage for you guys, my RGH is Dead since 2 weeks, ill get 2 new xbox 360 E and will try to get them well glitched, i hope because if i can get the xboxes glitched i can not continue with the projekt
  3. Just take out the alu case and than fits all 2.5 hdds
  4. Just use FSD File Manager or XEX Menu to copy , idk why people use on xbox ftp , i mean ok PS3 has games with data bigger than 4 GB and needs maybe NTFS but XBOX CMON thats not that way is made for
  5. He can not try because he will just get his box in some weeks
  6. i Think ISO, IMG and ZIP Works
  7. Yeah it will be released as soon as done (DK how long it takes ) i have some issues with The Weather Sunny is to High and you can still not play because its to high the light. ill try to find a way to get the HD Textures on XBOX 360 (ofcourse will everything be optimized for XBOX 360 ) Anyway i will make a video Gameplay from XBOX 360 (Because some peoples may think that its fake or a PC Gameplay) in couple of days
  8. Yeah it can handle but the cars are not so blury like in stock. the blur movement is awesome it looks like real moves i will make a tutorial until its done
  9. I have all my games in GOD format (Better Faster Stronger) Anyway you have for example 2 DVD Game after god convert i copy on USB:/XBOX/Games/Castlevania - Lord of Shadow/AFA07CC8B023CA4D7116 USB:/XBOX/Games/Castlevania - Lord of Shadow/E5BA0FA3AC8DCCFE6FD Dont fear you can not override Data from DVD 1 to DVD 2 or viceverse because they have complete different Names DVD1 = AFA07CC8B023CA4D7116 + AFA07CC8B023CA4D7116.data DVD2 = E5BA0FA3AC8DCCFE6FD + E5BA0FA3AC8DCCFE6FD.data ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So what i mean with this example is you dont need to categorize it DVD 1 and DVD 2 Folder and 3 and so on Just do ALL in ONE
  10. What RGH do you have RGH1 or RGH2 , What Motherboard and Kernel than maybe i can help you or you everytime you start battlefield 3 you start DVD 1 , NO NO NO Dude you must start from ground DVD 2 to play campaign hope you understand Yeah FF13 all Gameplay and Lost Odyssey also I have 2 RDR one Normal and second Undead, normaly you need both dvds because 1 DVD you play Stock campaign , 2 DVD you play Undead Nightmare Campaign ( that means no CONTENT so sont delete it )
  11. Here are games list for Content or Remove Completly Rage = 3 DVD ( Remove DVD3 Multiplayer) Halo 4 = 2 DVD ( DVD 2 Content) Assassins Creed 3 = 2 DVD ( Remove DVD 2 Multiplayer) Battlefield 3 = 2 DVD (Remove DVD 1 Multiplayer - Take Out HD Textures as its content) Medal of Honor Warfighter = 2 DVD ( Remove DVD 1 Multiplayer - Take out HD Textures as its Content) There might be more games but i only wrote them because dk what games there are still like that
  12. Hy everyone i made some screenshoots from xbox GTA 4 Graphic Realism Mod just want to know what you think about, if its good to try to get Cars in xbox gta 4 moded and even HD Textures. This is just a proof that it might be everything possible . Look at the screenshoots and see it yourself how awesome it looks Cars are Gloosy thats GOOOOOOD
  13. i am not the best but i know enought to make most things i could try to help show you maybe with team viewer and skype
  14. Dont think so because i dont have swap.xex on my XBOX . it like swap.xex maxbe its in FSD implemented most peoples didnt know this method
  15. It hang on what kind of emulator you use some emulators can use unpacked and ziped , but for some reason there might be some only with unpacked roms to work just try on Game as ziped , most work perfekt with unziped
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