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  1. just updated to the latest release, everything is working fine.... thankyou very much for the hard work really appreciate it...
  2. hi, nice skin u have there for dashlaunch... thankyou very much...
  3. obh555

    BM Arkham Origins

    Hi, the game needs to rename some of its xex file into default xex in order for it to launch from aurora.... however doing so, I can't apply title update to work with DLC... was just wondering if anyone have any solution and suggestion besides manually launching the game from the file manager in order to make the game work with update? The same problem goes for AC Black Flags as well..... manually editing the DB of content to designate a proper launch path doesn't seem to work either....
  4. ejecting disc can be done via the hud... i think implementing it would disrupt the simplicity interface of aurora it self....
  5. anybody else has the crash issue when viewing achievement via aurora's menu?? is it really only me?
  6. Here it is, log file with the callstack file.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Zk89uXFEZ1YllaMjBkWU1Bcm8/view?usp=sharing I will try to downgrade to dash 16747 first as i think it might be the problem ... i accidentally updated to 16767 last month without knowing its not officially supported...
  7. fresh install 0.2b and it works like it should... no crash... it only happens in 0.3b... i suspected it to be profile related.. so i created a new profile and yet the screen still freezes every time i try to view achievement via the menu from aurora. The following would be the crash log, http://textuploader.com/oph0
  8. aurora crashes every time i try to view a game achievement via the detailed menu... is this a bug? anybody else experiencing the same problem?
  9. Assign dmz to ur Xbox static ip and see if it resolve ur problem... Does port forward works for other device?
  10. True, but with web ui we can put custom banner, icon and background as well which is vry nice addition to that of custom cover....
  11. Saying a complete good bye to fsd vry soon.... After the nxt coming update, the only thing aurora need is the web ui to change cover manually... Then this dash would be complete for me...
  12. obh555


    i think there is something wrong with the aurora support for GODSpeed , when i want to copy a file into xbox running aurora dash, i get an error stating "object reference not set to an instance of an object"... whereas if i use FDS it works perfectly... is that a bug??
  13. just gave aurora a try... its fantastic... i like it very much... thank you so much for making this fantastic dashboard.... looking forward to the updates... its so simple and fast... more efficient than the previous F3....
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