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  1. Hello, sorry if this post already been asked by someone, try search every where but no solution I using Xbox 360 Jtag , and when come to Max Payne 3 2 Disc how do I make it Playable 2 Disc , I found out FreeStyle Dash have the Swap option or something, I using Aurora , or I copy all content from Disc 2 into Disc 1?
  2. Leaning New Things

  3. My ISP Streamyx Modem - Asus
  4. my xbox the only one connecting via wireless .. i took the mac address from here
  5. like i said..suddenly my old IP can't connect to internet..so i change it to 66..huhu..my xbox using manual IP..with all i change...or that google DNS i put on my Xbox cause the problem?
  6. like this? I change my IP btw...since it suddenly conflict wit other connection..
  7. wait i try do it from start...
  8. there nothing appear like apply or anything.. only Delete Selected can be click..
  9. the round part don't do anything...when i select i only can edit it...
  10. am I do it right? the only place i see STATIC in here..
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