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    Btw can somebody help me? I was just checking the error reports and found out there's an umpteenth FTP server out there and I'd like to provide support to that too. I know practially nothing about it, but its hello message is "220 ftpd ready". Quite odd if you ask me. It has got a unique response for LIST too, it omits the date of the drives. dr--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Game dr--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Hdd1 dr--r--r-- 1 root root 0 OnBoardMU Does this ring a bell to anybody? Can you enlighten me what this is? Thank you in advance!
  2. mercenary


    Yes, sorry, it was a bug, but only with Aurora 0.1a. I already fixed that, however it's kinda obsolete, because I'm sure nobody uses the 0.1a version anymore.
  3. mercenary


    GODspeed 1.1 is finally out! Release notes * FIXED Issue #61: Null reference when showing non-closable notification message * FIXED Issue #135: DialogResult can be set only after Window is created and shown as dialog. * FIXED Issue #168: Application crashes if item cannot be deleted * FIXED Issue #171: Uploading and empty folder browsing with XeXMenu * FIXED Issue #173: Do not let multiple instances to run * FIXED Issue #177: Throwing the cache of a non-cached item * FIXED Issue #181: Application crashes if parent folder doesn't exist anymore but I call an UpDirectory * FIXED Issue #182: Application crashes if folder cannot be renamed * FIXED Issue #187: Application crashes if reparse points cannot be accessed * FIXED Issue #220: Handle errors on the right thread during changing directory * FIXED Issue #237: STFS DateTime parsing * FIXED Issue #244: Special characters in FTP item names * FIXED Issue #267: No application is associated with URLs * FIXED Issue #283: Handle permission denied errors on FTP * FIXED: Black Window on Windows 7 Aero theme * FIXED: Misbehaving [..] folder on local file system * FIXED: Stored participation answer isn't displayed if I open the User Participation Window again * FIXED: Editing connection highlight name as an already existing one * FIXED: Drive selector combobox shows wrong drive letter after unsuccessful drive change * FIXED: Can't open profile by right clicking on its profile * FIXED: Can't interact (open, recognize, etc.) with a profile if the cache was just erased before * FIXED: Trimming of long connection names * FIXED: Cannot abort second transfer if the first one was aborted too * FIXED: Title recognition after rename * FIXED: Folder creation within Xbox folder structure * FIXED: Folder name validation * FIXED: Skip All doesn't remember decision * FIXED: Move deletes skipped files * ADDED: DashLaunch FTP (DLiFTPD) support * ADDED: XeXMenu and DashLaunch FTP cannot be accessed in PASV anymore * ADDED: Better support of reparse points * ADDED: Completely rewritten copy mechanism * ADDED: Completely rewritten caching mechanism * ADDED: FTP stream handling refactor * ADDED: Aurora support * ADDED: FSD/F3 Content Scan Trigger * ADDED: File hash verification after upload/download * ADDED: Launch games via HTTP * ADDED: Launch .xex file via FTP * ADDED: FSD Database Checker and Clean up * ADDED: Shutdown PC and/or Xbox after transfer completed * ADDED: Displaying version number of Title Updates * ADDED: FTP Log Viewer * ADDED: Hungarian language * ADDED: New About window * ADDED: Grid splitter presets Thanks Special thanks goes to Mattie and the whole Phoenix crew for adding my feature request to the latest Aurora. Download https://godspeed.codeplex.com/ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/godspeedftp
  4. That's what I read a while ago: I already found the code of FSD 2.1, but I'm afraid the features I'm looking for might only exist since the new WebUI was introduced in F3. Anyway, it's only a nice to have feature I'm trying to add my tool. I still want to do this, so I'll try to come up with a hack, workaround or something if there's no other way. But if you know any ex-member who I could contact please let me know I'd very much appreciate it. I don't need much, just a little guidance. I'll do the rest. Thanks.
  5. Oh, I didn't know that. The last related comment I read (in August or so) was that although the team has been disbanded the development will continue by others. But it seems it turned out otherwise. Shame. Anyway, do you know is there any API documentation or source code available somewhere? Perhaps the features I'm looking for already in the latest version, only hidden. I would like to do some investigation and stuff.
  6. Wow, pretty cool! I like how it communicates via JSON. But... Is there an API documentation for the available methods? It would be nice if I could integrate with GODspeed, my FTP client. Basically I could use two features which now seem to be missing. 1) Is there a way to get a list of available drives with names, sizes and free/occupied spaces? So I could indicate and pop up a warning if there's not enough space left to start an upload. Because the FTP doesn't throw an error if the drive runs out of space, it just sends the rest of the data to /dev/null. So there's no way to stop nor to notify the user that the upload was unsuccessful. 2) The old website can list the scan dir settings and I can even command FSD to do a rescan. Can you please make this functionality available in the new WebUI as well? It would be much nicer to GET and POST JSON's instead of the HTML parsing I'm forced to do. Thank you in advance!
  7. Btw in the meantime another Polish fella sent me another error too. He's got a Polish Windows but he can browse the FTP contents with no problem, because the dates are in English. Not sure how, perhaps it depends on the Xbox's settings after all. Anyway, he tried to step into a directory with special characters in its name and it's got the following error: Unfortunately the original characters lost during logging (I wasn't prepared for it either ), but does it mean that FSD doesn't support these kind of special characters in directory names? I haven't had the time to test it, but will try it shortly.
  8. Will try it, thanks! I guess I will have to dig deeper into how the FTP protocol works, because the only thing I see is that I send a command, and after the data connection has been established a string array arrives full with these Linux-style rows. So I wonder where that conversion might occur, but maybe you've right and it's deep down in Windows socketing. It surely will be a challenge to debug.
  9. 0 views? Seriously?! I really hoped you will be a little bit more helpful than that. Anyway, if somebody reads this and wants to be updated about GODspeed development, wants to share thoughts, ideas, needs, etc., then please like GODspeed's Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/godspeedftp Perhaps if we can build up a little community and a solid userbase, then we can address requests to the FSD team to be able to extend the communication between GODspeed and FSD. For instance: free space indication in GODspeed, after a successful copy send a command to FSD to do a scan, so you don't have to do it manually once you get back to your console, etc. Wouldn't it be nice? So what are you waiting for? Join and help make GODspeed better!
  10. Hi there! My name is Mercenary and I'm the developer behind the FTP client called GODspeed. If you haven't heard about it yet, it's a Total Commander like FTP client designed to fasten and clarify file management between your PC, NAS and your FSD-enabled X360. During the development I found a few interesting issues but there's only one that troubles me a lot. I released a new version this week and this one finally got an error reporting feature which has already proved to be an extremely valuable addition because now I can see all the weird issues the users of my tool have to face. And the most common problem has been reported by Polish users who use their computer AND(!) Xbox with Polish language and culture settings. But I don't know how so that's why I ask for your help, because I only see their FTP log. When I connect to my console and call the LIST command I get the following: But if they do the same they get the dates with Polish month abbreviations: Now I've got two problems.1) The third party library I'm using to access FTPs can't handle those month abbreviations. (complete morons wrote that code :S)2) I can't change my console's settings to be able to reproduce this issue. Can you tell me what do I have to do to change the culture to Polish? I tried to switch language and locale in NXE, but it hasn't had any effects. Actually my only hope is that if I would be able to set the culture to Polish then maybe I could come up with a hack somehow, otherwise my Polish users will be disappointed. Besides that there's a minor issue as well. I already made a workaround for that so it's not a big deal, I just wanted to let you know that when you call SIZE command it throws a not implemented exception. Thank you for your help in advance, I really hope you can help me to make those Polish fellas happy. Cheers!
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