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  1. i would have thought disc 2 wouldn't even play as it would detect absense of the disc 1 install data (call it what you like hd data, textures ect) and won't let you procede any further until it is installed, so if your able to play disc 2 ok then the graphics problem could be a die'ing gpu lol
  2. I don't know for sure but I have read that people trying to play Far Cry 4 as XEX or GOD get that Dirty Disc Error similar to Watchdogs where the only way to be able to play it way manipulation of the XEX files. I am waiting for PAL version before I see for myself. Goes something like this- 1.extract fc4 as xex 2.copy all the files inside the installation1 folder and paste them to the root of the game overwriting any duplicate files. 3.delete default.xex 4.rename game.xex to default.xex then no dirty disc error. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. 1.Extracted both discs as xex to folders disc1 and disc2 inside a folder called Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. 2.FTP this folder to my external xbox 360 games folder. 3.Booted the default.xex of disc1 with FSD3 File Manager. This installs 2 files called - Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/5752082C/00000001/somdiscdata0 736.88 MB Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/5752082C/00000001/somdiscdata1 1,010.36 MB 4.Reset FSD3 and navigate with File Manager to where you installed disc 1 folder and delete it as it's no longer needed. 5.Wait for cover art to finish and your find 2 covers for the game. Delete the cover from your database that is disc 1. 6.That's it enjoy.
  4. get the Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition XBOX360-COMPLEX this will br on link as tested by myself and have the level 5 extras that the origial diablo doesn;t plus the 2 games clash with the the save games so just keep the UEE. yopur media ID isn;t on lnik hence the grey.
  5. u using a flash drive if so try something else.
  6. thanks for trying shame it didn't work.
  7. anyone think using fake live will mean we can play this game single player as i heard it only needs silver account? probably not right?
  8. The problem seems to have vanished now but here was the log. Now that Diablo UEE is on link I ditched the older Diablo as it's no longer needed. These 2 games clash especially with save games. Yeah mine seems to hang since day one scanning the mame emu but gives up after a few mins even though I have that cover (it must be scanning the 4000 roms lol). Thanks everyone for your time appreciate it.
  9. probably something to do with my recent post where I lost all my games on my internal hdd when i tried to ftp diablo 3 UEE. That game had caused me nothing but problems. Anyhow I deleted the scan path for those lost games, setup a new folder,then entered the scan path again,it rescanned the games i pain stakingly added that got deleted before and all seemed ok. Now howerer fsd3 crashes on boot when i get to the dash but is fine after a reboot. Hopefully any advice you give me won't entail me loosing all my database and having to do a complete rescan or all my box art as that takes forever as i got sh*t load of xbla and 360 games. maybe i there is a crash report i can post that here? thanks again appreciate the help.
  10. i didn't kwon you could go on xbl with a jtag hows that possible...
  11. Hdd:\Xbox 360 Games\Wolfenstein New Order\disc2\ Hdd:\Xbox 360 Games\Wolfenstein New Order\disc3\ Hdd:\Xbox 360 Games\Wolfenstein New Order\disc4\
  12. thanks man is this better than- http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/49-nand-flasher-360-for-xbox/
  13. try this instead- http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2090-f3-rev-775/ do your dashlaunch 3.12 manually before above and kernel on 16547
  14. luckily my xbla were unaffected. it was just my xbox 360 games on my internal hdd. my ext hdd unaffected. i did wonder when i selected just diablo 3 for delete why it was taking so long, and i definitily only selected 1 folder and highlighted it green in fsd3 file manager. At first this game would not FTP.i had to ftp just the contents (xex) of the folder first then move them to a new folder made with fsd3 file manager. later i deleted this folder on my jtag (game did work) and copied it again via ftp and it copied over fine. I've had this before on rare occasions where things wont ftp and i cant work out why they play up. when i went to delete it in fsd3 file manager it wouldn't delete either. i had to ftp delete it from my jtag. I am sure you all have had something happen to you like this???? nay mattter on the case now should have it resolved in a few days. thanks for all your help including the TX mods lol....
  15. Flaminek

    Gun Updates

    use modio or horizon after you have your save game id's to edit from someone that has completed the game on the hardest setting maybe. i did this on and older blops and blur. works for xbl or jtags. 1.copy a save game to pc via usb stick formatted by xbox nxe. 2.open save game in modio to get your unique profile ids 3.plenty of save games you can use in modio to inject your ids too and copy edited save game back to jtag. when i did this on blops 2 i had lots new guns.
  16. can't a lot were from XBL free with gold and sold that xbox. be great if someone came up with a jtag app to undelete.
  17. nooooo gutted. lost 180 GB of games dating over the last year.
  18. was puting diablo 3 reaper of souls on my internal hdd and went back later and all my games have been deleted. anyone know how to undelete? tried connecting my hdd to my pc with official hdd transfer cable,it spins up but not recognised by my pc. looked in ftp for undelete and there is none. fortunately it was just the xbox 360 games but i would like the files back.
  19. example- hdd:\xbox 360 games\wolfenstein tno\disc2\ hdd:\xbox 360 games\wolfenstein tno\disc3\ hdd:\xbox 360 games\wolfenstein tno\disc4\ can be god or xex. i use xex disc 1 simply boot from any location (as a god) and install hd content then delete the god after.
  20. the speculation is they have the keys....well according to darkmurf on torrentday...
  21. thought they needed the cpu key first to decrypt the nand?
  22. all it is guys is disc 1 needs to be a god format to install the HD content. The rest of the discs can be xex or god. so inside your Wolfenstein New Order folder on your jtag your have disc2, disc3, dics 4 only. then FSD3v775 will pick up automatically you got multidisc g ame and swap discs when it needs to. you can test it out by booting disc 3 or 4 first and then start a new game, it will swap discs to disc 2.
  23. your have to wait for a new dashlauch 1.13 shouldn't be to long and if you can afford a small donation for there hard work they do for free all the better. then use the new feature built into dashlaunch / xeBuild FreeBoot Nand Update Tut. it will do your avatar and nand flash auto stylie. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2205-xebuild-freeboot-nand-update-tutorial/
  24. Flaminek

    cod ghost TU #13

    thanks for the reply i figured it out I needed the season pass. Now all the bonus maps work and are visible where as before they weren't even visible. not sure what you mean about deleting this or deleting that as i have all the maps and compatability and have no problems using any map now.
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