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  1. Your fine Again thanks for all the help. I will upload the TU later in case other have the same problem.
  2. Hi all Just an update I downloaded the files needed from xbox live on my other xbox and copied them over to the RGH one I also extracted the game DVD to the RGH box just to be sure they have the same titleid. Booted up the game YES its working. Thanks lads for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. Hi I have followed the info on updating the Avatar My problem is the xbox wont see the update on the pen drive. Question will it still run the update if it's already updated ? How to I set Aurora to File manager Advance mode so I can remote files inside of sysext folder. Thanks I was also thinking of installing infinity3 on my other xbox which is normal and some how find a way to extract the files from that HD to my pc
  4. Ya I got that update install also which gives me the Marvel logo which it did not without the TU update. But still when I add the figures it needs another update ?
  5. Hi Swizzy Thanks for that have done it all but not sure if correct. when I restarted the unit it booting into Auraro than when I started the game I got the message that an update was available I clicked no and press yes to security updats? I thought it would have asked for update on system boot up ? When I started the game after the update I noticed it showed Disney and also the Marvel logos. But once I put the marvel figure on the pad it looks for an update and asks to connect to xbox live Thanks How do you set file manager to advance mode so I can remove sysext ?
  6. Hi all I have Infinity 3 installed on my HD and got a few new figures but when I try to use them it says I need a game update. I have the latest dash and xbox updates but I think it's a game update thats needed. I checked for updates from within Eurora for that game but nothing. Any help on getting this to work. Thanks
  7. hi Swizzy Checked all setting all working I reset my API which it did But still when I try BO2 in systemlink is says I chenked my API key in my xbox against the Unity website and they match. Just did another reset and request working now this might help other who are in the same boat Thanks again Swizzy
  8. Just went to play COD on systemlink and it says failed to connect time out When I check my settings it says Unity Authentication fail I just logged into Unity interface online with the same details and it worked It's only through the Xbox I get the error. Any ideas.
  9. Thanks Not sure if it's on my side as I was away for a few weeks but now all I can see are hosted games no public room Thanks Swizzy if you could look into this that would be great.
  10. Why is there no public rooms anymore ?
  11. Pity there's no system link on it...
  12. So disk 2 over to disk 1 This will over right disk one Then copy the content folder to the HD of the xbox Is that correct Thanks
  13. John Mc Grath

    BF Hard Line

    Anyone get BF Hardline working in RGH Is it like others where you copy the content from disk2 to disk1? Any help Thanks
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