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  1. What's up with xboxrgh? (Impatient is one thing, talking trash/hurling insults is another). After reading the last few posts, I remembered posting a reply to a different user (a few months ago) who was complaining.. and it seems applicable here also (slightly modified and redirected) *********************************************** Posted July 28, 2017 (insert today's date) @ fau... (insert 'xboxrgh') We/YOU are getting this for FREE, but you complain... ?? You should be happy that Aurora is being updated AT ALL, and has not been abandoned. Some people.. should not be allowed to breathe the same air.. (just my 2 cents) ************************************************************************ ...... my work here is done.... except to say thank you to everyone involved in bringing Aurora this far, and (or) into the future.
  2. I'd recommend that you do some reading... Start with the post above yours, and take heed.
  3. @ faucolt We/YOU are getting this for FREE, but you complain and tell them that they are 'doing it wrong' ?? You should be happy that Aurora is being updated AT ALL, and has not been abandoned. Some people.. should not be allowed to breathe the same air.. (just my 2 cents)
  4. Is this Windows 10 then? (If so, is it build 1607 x64, by chance?)
  5. Unplugged without choosing to "Safely remove and eject" first?
  6. Rated 5/5. Thanks for all that you have done for the Xbox 360 scene. Greatly appreciated !!
  7. Thank you very much! I was unaware of this application, it looks like it is just what I need to make the task easy. I appreciate your help and the link, and I'll give this a try.
  8. I've done numerous JTAG, RGH 1&2/FSD installations, and I often attach a 2TB external hard drive when finished, if the customer chooses to go that route. I have a couple of (related) questions that I'm hopeful someone can answer: Firstly, If one were to copy the EXACT folder structure and contents (Games, XBLA, Emulators, etc.) from a "storage" hard drive onto a new hard drive after an RGH build/installation, ... Is it possible to copy the database/directories/files from the 'storage" (an RGH/Xbox hard drive which has been through the scanning/downloading process, and) which contain the artwork/etc. onto the "new" RGH hard drive so that one does not have to go through the scanning/downloading process every time? And if so, which files/folders would need to be copied over (if more than the database file (contents.db) and GameData folder) I figure that there would be some editing involved, since the database keeps the serial number of the hard drive? If anyone knows what would need to be edited (If the above is possible) I'd greatly appreciate any help that one could provide. Secondly, An issue of a intermittent nature (probably 20% of the time) I've noticed a few times that after I complete everything and run the scanning/downloading process that the box/cover art does not match the game name. I've deleted the database (from inside of FSD, as well as outside/via the network over FTP/Filezilla, with XeXMenu, etc), and re-run the scan (multiple times) but the problem persists. This is strange, since the games/XBLA games copied onto the new hard drive are always the same, and this behavior does not happen every time/with every Xbox (but it does happen enough to be a nuisance) The ONLY way that I've found to correct this issue is to manually scan the first 10 or so games in each directory, and THEN run the scan/download process. If I do it via this method on the problematic RGH Xboxs then the skewing is correct (game box art matches game name) Note: (in case it makes a difference) I've always kept my default.xex's and XBLA's in as "shallow" a directory structure as possible, set the path (ONLY one path setting) to the external drives root (USB0:) and set the scan depth to 4.
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