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  1. Damnnn you are so right! i rolled back Windows in one of my PC and Xbox drives are recognizable again! Sometimes Windows can suck so bad. Thanks for the help guys, i'm really happy that we wound solution for this!
  2. As far as I remember, i have always made "safely remove and eject" on Windows and always ejected drives from Xbox when it's turned off. If this would be one of the drives i could say that i forgot to do this but we are talking about two drives and problem came up on both of them at same time
  3. Hi Swizzy, i appreciate your help maybe you managed to check MBR printscreens?
  4. Please see attached 0 sector view for both disks. If you need to view more sectors please let me know which of them you need.
  5. Could you recommend any tool which i could use to view MBR?
  6. Yes, i'm positive about this please see attached prtscr. Disk 0 - it's PC HDD Disk 1 and Disk 2 - these are Xbox external drives.
  7. Thanks for comments Guys, but i think it's not HDD problem, since it happened on both USB drives at same time. Also Xbox recognize both drives and i can see and play games from both of them. On weekend i also changed some settings in Dashlaunch (changed temperature settings) could that cause the problem? Is there any way to fix this without loosing data?
  8. Hi Guys, I have 2 USB HDD connected to my Xbox 360 and until i was using FSD i could disconnect them from Xbox, connect to Windows PC add some games in them, connect back to Xbox. Everything was fine. This weekend i decided to move to Aurora. Everything was fine, i really enjoyed how Aurora is working. Today i decided to add some new games and plugged one of the drives in to Windows PC, but PC cant recognize my USB HDD anymore. I tried another one and i have same situation. I have attached prtscr from windows disk manager. So, my question is, could change from FSD to Aurora cause this situation? Is there a way to fix my external HDD, so it could be recognizable on Windows again? Interesting, that one of the drives has 700GB of free space, another 160GB, but Windows disk manager shows same view for both of the drives
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