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  1. up again for the french translation if needed
  2. Hi , We've made a full french translation (with plugin and scripts) for Aurora 0.4b Here's the link : http://www.nordsudteam.fr/showthread.php?tid=117 Hope you enjoy !!
  3. Here is the lastest version of the french language , now it's perfect. See attached files for the xml and the fix If you spot some errors or something else just ask we will update FR-FR.xml Fix language FRv0.1-Aurora 0.2b.rar
  4. Yeah we were named because in the final release it is not your work
  5. if you had the package before the upadate there is a missing a line to compil it well , <data name="DynamicStrings.IDS_LOCALE_TRANSLATIONBY"><value> </value></data> you have to add it after line 464 (you can check in the en-en.xml provided here)
  6. that the sad part , but better than nothing , will add the resctriction for unicode to my tutorial , also if someone had managed to get xuiworkshop working , please contact me , this way i think length of the string wouldn't be a problem (but only for .xur files but not the .xex one)
  7. Yeah just checked it won't save the modifications , will take a closer look a it did not saw that as we allways do with hex editing and didn't check this , the strange fact is that it does create the file well but without the modifciations Edit : edited the OP , with the link to our .xur files so you can compare it with orignal ones and hex edit them ,
  8. Hi , this is a translation i've made of our french tutorial here http://psychomantis59.free.fr/nst/showthread.php?tid=95 (sorry if english is not so good) Freestyleplugin translation After our release ( here and here ) and of lot of PM's asking how to, where going to explain our method step by step. Part 1 : freestyleplugin.xex translation Prerequisites : - xextool by xorloser : http://jheberg.net/captcha/xextool-v63/ - hexadecimal editor (Hexedit, Hxd, WinHex, ...), - our example files : http://jheberg.net/captcha/exemple/ - lot of patience ... We are first going to prepare the freestyleplugin.xex file so we can edit it : Copy the freestyleplugin.xex file in the xextool folder, in MS-DOS command go to the xextool folder, we are now going to uncrypt and uncompress the .xex file, you just have to type this command : "xextool.exe -e u -c u freestyleplugin.xex", Here it is , our xex file is uncrompressed and uncrypted. Now that our xex file is ready we are going to use the hex software to edit it, This is the longest and hardest part, you will have to find the strings to translate , you also need to translate the words with the same number of letter or less and unicode isn't supported . We advise you to do the modifications step by step and testing it each time, it could seem boring but that's the best way to do it. We provided you 2 example files so you have just to compare them (in hex) to find the strings to translate, Theses examples files can be a little bit different of the one provided in aurora thats cause we worked on the FSD version of the plugin, you can work on our orignal file in our archive it will wok on aurora as well . Once your translation done you have to recompress and recrypt the xex file in xextool with the command: "xextool.exe -e e -c c freestyleplugin.xex" Now you've done the hardest part, if everything went well to this step for you, the second part will be easy. Part 2 : Plugin .xur files translation For this part you will have 2 possibilities , - The first one is the hardest one but was the only option we had before the second one came out, wich consist in the same method as for the xex file with hex editing. Here are our .xur files if you want to hex compare : link - The second one wich we will explain, is with the Xuiworkshop software from Masterrowen (PHOENIX/FSD). (EDIT : saving the binary don't work for now need to find what's wrong, you can use first method) Prerequisites : - This file : http://jheberg.net/captcha/development/ - a little bit more patience . First we're gonna put the content of the rar file we provided in the root of your C: hdd, you need to have this : "C:\Development\...." Now launch the software a this place "C:\Development\JQE360 Repository\Trunk\XuiWorkshop\XuiWorkshop.exe" (in admin mode) You will now have the possibility to open the plugin .xur files Once .xur file loaded you will see all the labels in it , to edit them you to just need in the properties in the text field . Same as for the xex translation we advise you to do it step by step and testing it every time. Now you should have a 100% translated plugin . We hope this tutorial will make us see a lot of releases in all the languages . Enjoy !!! NordSudTeam Psychomantis59 and PeZeD
  9. You welcome , send you a PM buddy
  10. Hi , After this new update of aurora (v 0.1a.1) where we worked in for the French translation , we would like to share for a full translation of aurora our moded freestyle plugin , Just copy theses files over the original ones in your Aurora folder and you will now have a 100% French aurora dashboard Link : http://jheberg.net/captcha/plugin-french/ Enjoy If you want to do the same in other language here'es a link to our tutorial : http://realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3717-tutorial-freestyle-plugin-translation/ NordSudTeam Psychomantis59 and PeZeD
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