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  1. Which Disk is required for only story mode only in Max Payne 3; Disk 1, Disk 2 or both? Plz guide...
  2. Plz need help, I am using DDS Convertor to create a preview image. So when I drag the custom image (PNG format and 256x144) in the DOS window of DDS converter and press enter, nothing happens and the window closes.... How do i get my preview.dds file...?
  3. Thanks buddy, really appreciate the support...! Edit: Is there a limit to the length of the music file (in .WAV format) which is set as background music...?
  4. Good, can you plz tell how integrate music file as background sound in any aurora skin...?
  5. Hmm... Worth giving a try after having a backup! Will give it a try...
  6. Nope, You need xbox live for that....(A retail Console is required!!!)
  7. Does anyone know hoe to change the color of the Dvd's in the coverflow from green to any custom colour. There has to be a method, as the color of Dvd's for Kinect games are purple and other Xbox games are green...?
  8. Torrent Files for Assassins Creed 3 Have 2 Disks, I only want to play single player, so should i just download Disk 1?, Disk 2 is for multiplayer, right?
  9. Hmm... I will give it a try. Thanx again man!
  10. Hi, Recently updated my jtag, and setup LiNK. Initially got a lot of problem but finally with help from felida was successful in setting it up. Got the chance to play COD BO2 a couple of times only and COD Ghosts a single time. Though I have necessary files for each, now I am unable to play LiNK on following: 1) COD BO2 TU#18 2) COD Ghosts Compatibility Pack 1 (Unlocked) Compatibility Pack 2 (Unlocked) TU#17 3) COD AW Compatibility Pack 1 (Unlocked) Compatibility Pack 2 (Unlocked) Compatibility Pack 3 (Unlocked) Compatibility Pack 4 (Unlocked) Compatibility Pack 5 (Unlocked) TU#15 I am unable to connect to any game lobby in the LiNK menu most of times; gives F3000003 error. And sometimes when I connect any lobby, when I go to the System Link of the game, no host is seen... One more thing, when I verify my LiNK Setup in Aurora, the results change every time I refresh... The link below contains Screenshots of my LiNK settings and other related stuff for clear understanding of the problem... https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3mxvdx0qaaj3s/LiNK_Problem Console Information: Aurora 0.5b Dashlaunch v3.15 Kernel 17349
  11. How do I find the Avatar update file on my jtag through file manager of Aurora; I mean where is it located....?
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