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  1. option no supported for this (read forum) irishdave - good answer (spam)
  2. wait for next TU, this problem have all users live, link
  3. yes is normal... use search function... when you change FSD, and nand dash jtag/rgh, you must update avatars
  4. router is router, work for all hardware and low and newest FSD
  5. The Rapture not be begun because system link have BETA 2
  6. maybe jqe360.com have problem ... see main lobby... number of users have lover.. another days have 500,7xx, and up
  7. When i use 16197+dl 3.04+TU3 devlink=true everything work good Problem is now with FSD lastest + dl 3.05+TU4.. without devlink in line defalt.ini game have run, and i joined to rom, i see servers join to server, wait for party leader start... round start... game work some seconds and i see connection problem (connection interputted), and back to lobby what goin on?
  8. Peoples if "Fatal Crases Inter......" update avatars ! Quickly guide: 1. Download same version of dash m$ with avatars 2. Unpack to pendrive $$ystemupdate 3. Run Dashlaunch 3.0x 4. Update dash 5. Avatars have update 6. Play
  9. DMZ HOST = NAT OPEN only one PC or XBOX hardware example WAN <=> XBOX (all port) PORT TRIGGER/ PORT FOWARDING = one or more ports share to specific host example WAN (3071/3072) <=> (3071/3072) example WAN (6667) <=> (6667) Port fowarding create rules for specific ip and port, disable DHCP in console xbox connection setting, write manual IP setting (static) and share port for xbox if you have one of upper option you have open connection to systemlink users
  10. Nat is restriced if you have one WAN IP to many computers in LAN . If you have WAN for only u, try use option DMZ Host = this option give you open NAT for everyone from WAN for one host on lan
  11. FSD 2.2,2.3 have another parametrs of scan (4 lvl) , try higher number to scan in FS3 (FS3 have defalt 2 lvl)... change to up
  12. ethernet cable is universal cable for many hardware TV PC who have RJ45 ethernet port etc...
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