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  1. yep i had USB:ContentGames for games and USB:ContentXBLA for XBLA edit: i renamed the main folder so the path would be different (it used to be USB:ContentGames and i made it USB:ContGames) and it now works.
  2. Well as the title says, i was using a 320gb usb and today i migrated all the games and new ones to a 1tb one. new games are working perfectly, and i can access the old games through file manager on FSD, but when i go to xbox 360 games, i can only see the new ones not the old ones. I deleted databases, I deleted and readded scan paths I deleted and added different scan paths with different settings so far... Any ideas? I also updated fsd today but i don't think it has anything to do with the update, do you?
  3. I am really skeptical about that fan thing. But what do I know, I am the new one here. But I think "auto" is quite the right thing to set. What are your temperature readings guys? I think it will lower the life expectancy of fan so a bad choice to raise the fan speed unnecessarily therefore it will damage the console.
  4. thanks it did work I am ok with settings and covers (but it would be lovely to have them already though) about fan speed; mine is set to auto do you think i should increase it? and to?
  5. thanks i am trying it right now. i will keep the post updated if anything happens (i hope i wont fuck it up entirely)
  6. like i said when i launch the new default.xex over usb (or hdd it doesnt matter) i see the crash screen and simply i cant pass that. about the installer; i have downloaded the one from the old 3.0 release topic, is that the correct one? i think i have that installed already? (i didnt do the rgh myself, a guy did it...) about manual install do you mean "copy/paste the new files over the existing fsd folder in my internal hdd" ? edit: isn't there a risk to damage/corrupt the existing fsd?
  7. thanks for reply but i don't think it is updated. it still says rev58 and i still have Xlink Kai instead of Link
  8. I downloaded the 3.04 and extracted it to my usb over ftp, ran the xex through xex menu and got the error sayin "F3 just crashed" with 3 options; 1- restart F3, 2- Go to NXE, 3- Try to continue. so i extracted it to hdd1 this time, and ran, same thing happened, i tried to run it from FSD File Manager (both hdd and usb) same thing happened. I tried to use updater, went to settings > general settings > updates, and there was "0 New Updates" but when i press X i can see the changelog. Right now i am downloading the F3Installer.iso (which i found on 3.0 topic) and i dont know what to do now, i will just check the iso and try to figure out something. And as you can see it clearly; i am a newbie on this rgh/jtag and especially FSD thing. Any suggestions? (As you can see on added screenshot i can see the changelog but if you check the background it says 0 new updates found)
  9. i am really glad that there are people like you guys Thanks
  10. a total noob here: i did not do the rgh stuff myself, and i dont have money to pay to the same person again, if i backup the bootanim.xex and/or just rename it, can it be reused later if i ever decide to deactivate fakeanim?
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