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Found 4 results

  1. I downloaded psychonauts , but when i boot it up it gives me a black screen after the original xbox startup screen as if i had exited the game and then i get booted back into aurora. I have 4 other original xbox games that work just fine , but this one just won't work for some reason. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Something to change the resolution on the fly for some games would be good, like starting an OG Xbox game and it goes to 480p, and then when you go back to Aurora the resolution returns to 1080p Some games like SoulCalibur 2 only have widescreen in 480p mode, and some games run better at this resolution too EDIT: one more thing, a timer so we know how much time we're playing a game, it's kinda useless because if you count your gaming time to post on HowLongToBeat or something you already have your means to count the time, but it would be cool to have EDIT 2: if I needed to choose what resolutions I wanted in this option, it would be 480p and 1280x1024, so I could play games that run better at 480p and stretch the image on my TV with 1280x1024 so I can patch some games with FOV hacks to 16:9 (my TV doens't have some fancy stuff like croping the black bars)
  3. I was wondering why LINK doesnt suppoert the original xbox games, i know they are working on xlink kai... they using just rooms with the name of the games and not the media ids and so on. Isnt that possibe to make it work like this, LINK just having that room? I guess the problem is directing the data, so players can find eachother!
  4. Hello everyone, i got a Question. How can I host or join a Systemlink game of an original Xbox because there is no Systemlink option when i press the Guide button. Thanks for any Help in advance.
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