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  1. the update run after run xex menu if is not autodetected at power cycle, the update fixes all my problems
  2. i was having that issue, how to resolve, reinstall all the folder of fsd and reupdate tu.
  3. Hi again all I have another issue in black ops 2, a fatal crash intercepted message appears a lot, while trying to join a game into system link, i can play sometimes, but mostly crashes, i can't even play local split screen, after login the second player the game crashes, is this cause of fsd LiNK system? Running last kernel, last fsd update, dlc black ops 2, tu4, all pass in test some else has this problem, or is this normal??
  4. update not successfully update manually :S no the screen turns black only edit: after a retry the fsd update installs correctly
  5. gauravxbox you should try to join to groups not public rooms
  6. pingpatch option? same region version?, try this, load the game from xex menu instead fsd and a direct link a cable between xbox. hope it helps!
  7. im able to join a rom, the problem is when joining to the game, i wasn't able to play :S
  8. Hello all first of all, thanks for all the effort on LiNK, im juan they call me jun and i have an issue with black ops 2 I have the region free game, dashlaunch 3.05, tu 22.0.1 downloaded from fsd the problem is that every time that i try to join a game, the room is ok, the xbox crashes and shutdown. can you help me? thanks FIX Old dashboard 157something ahaha Update to 16202, xex region free, tu from http://www.xbuc.net, you can get the path from the fsd webui Thanks Sorry admins if i can't post another address but iveseenit before in another post if you think that a tuto would be necessary, i could make it, sorry for my reaaally bad english (mexico drifter :
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