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  1. You are an intolerant noobish dumba**!Adding such thing like a marketplace local is a relatively little effort. And english isn't his mother tongue... think about it.
  2. That's a nice feature. Maybe you take a look at XM360: xm360 v2.0d - xbins.org
  3. Thank you... changing a db value sounds easy enough.
  4. This isn't an option... because I want games in my local language. Isn't there a simple way? A config-file or as an option in the aurora settings?
  5. If I start the aurora dashboard it's translated to my local language and the choice of words is strange. So... I only want the aurora dash in english. Like all other US/EN users. The *.xus under "Media\Locales" is already successfully replaced. But in the "Skin" folder aren't "Locale" folders... there is only one "Default.xzp" file.
  6. If it's possible, I want to change to the original english language.
  7. Hello, an option to choose the default aurora language would be great. Currently I renamed/replaced the *.xus file. But now I have a language mix... I think it's a skin thing, right? Best regards Hype
  8. Try to change the combo buttons (activator/trigger).
  9. You can use FSD3 as second dashboard... only as workaround for downloading TU's.Than in Aurora you only need to enable the TU with this path: "\Xbox360\System\USBMUCache0\Cache" respectively "\Xbox360\System\USBMU0\Content". @Aurora-Devs For USB0/USBMU0 users you need to replace the paths: "\Xbox360\System\Usb0\Cache" with "\Xbox360\System\USBMUCache0/Cache" "\Xbox360\System\Usb0\Content" with "\Xbox360\System\USBMU0\Content"
  10. It's an Aurora bug... After I read this thread I tested Skyrim and Dishonored. In the Aurora-Dashboard are the TU's displayed as downloaded and activated. But if I start the game the title update isn't active... and the DLC can't work. Maybe it's a problem with USB0 as TU storage? By the way it seems to me that the Aurora-Devs are a little bit haughty... In this topic it is the same behaviour like the xhttp bug. It feels like you think *the users are to stupid*.
  11. I know the quick browse menu... I think the right meaning is lost in translation My example was meant as a separately menu for the last games. But an integration into the quick browse menu sounds great, too.
  12. The sort function is a nice feature. But if you like to sort your games by name, it isn't comfortable to go to the options and change the sort order everytime. Swizzy's suggestion sounds great. Maybe with LB or RB to call up a quick browse menu with the last ~5 played games?
  13. Hello, is it possible to add a quick launch option to start the last played game? Best regards Hype
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