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  1. uncharted

    camo in bo2

    I am taking about gold or diamond camo .
  2. uncharted

    camo in bo2

    no reply ?? Naikon, do you have any idea how to do this??
  3. uncharted

    camo in bo2

    I have seen many players using the gold/diamond camo on there guns when playing on link. Is it possible for me to get them ?
  4. Upgrade your dashboard.
  5. You are an intelligent man. thanks for the tip bro
  6. I am on 14719 dashbard, and link works fine for me. I can join games in black ops 2, and can even host them. First, I had a problem which didn't allowed me to connect to games. It gave me a message saying "Unable to connect", But then I just changed my modem/router And all is working good now.
  7. why can't I load fsd plugin ?
  8. Finally, success !!Connected it via my new modem, and it works like a charm. Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate your hard work.
  9. for me it is set to default. should i try changing my modem/router ??
  10. I am sure that I am not running any other plugin.any other suggestions ??
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