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  1. Fantastic bro !!! Love it downloading it right now
  2. Help Im a noob that got lost after dumping the nand could someone help me or something?
  3. you also need to port forward the ports I use "1000" and "1001" hope this helped make sure to port forward them both for TCP and UDP
  4. how do I log in whats my userid??? and password how do I find it out
  5. I have and then when I try to update it says no updates found and then i go check this other persons f3 and there one is alot different and they said it's updated I am a noob at these things Im trying to get link to work but no luck
  6. HI guys I was wondering if someone could tell me how to connect the internet with wifi or wire so I can play F3 system link for some reason I am just not that smart at these things and I need your help I would prefer if you could tell me how to connect through wifi because my router is very far away fro any tvs. my console is a RGH xbx360 slim
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