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  1. This is working wonderfully for me using this setup: mplayer folder is located at Hdd1:\Homebrew. I launch the .elf with dashlaunch. Videos are located at Usb1:\Video and can be navigated to in mplayer. Plays 720p nicely, haven't tried 1080p yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  2. Sure!!! After I end a week of paid time off searching (poorly) the internet for how to mod Skyrim on Xbox, unpacking and repacking bsas only to find all of Skyrim covered in snow. Now I find this!!! Absolutely awesome work Puss! I've learned a bit using bsaopt, Friday dlc maker & velocity but it seems you've got all the mods I was working at converting already done. And with some Photoshop magic thrown in too. You may all shame me now for not looking her first. Sorry Jpizz. My bad. Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire2 using Tapatalk HD
  3. snappy

    link not working

    Are you on the default skin? I too had this same problem while on another skin. Once I changed back to the default skin I noticed the "enable link" radio button. Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire2 using Tapatalk HD
  4. I as well have this issue but 1 in a 100 times I can join a game. I've followed all instructions given here and can confirm the ports are correctly forwarded. Could it be location related? I'm in TX.
  5. I thought it was just me so I didn't post earlier. It's my only problem with F3 not related to link. RB does not boot stock dash. I haven't tried other shortcuts though. edit: latest dash, kernal and f3 release on trinity.
  6. When unzipped I have the mplayer folder, a readme and two .elf files. A xenon.elf and symbols.elf. I don't know why but I put the two elf files in the mplayer folder when put it on my internal hdd. That's how it's set up for me and it works. I'm no technician, just a user so not sure this will actually help you but there you go.
  7. Here's my set up: xmplayer and all of its files are in Hdd1:Homebrewmplayer. I'm sure it doesn't matter what you name that folder. All videos I have in Usb0:Video. Again, folder name doesn't matter. I have dashlaunch set to run when I hit system settings in the miniblades (to do set this in dashlaunch paths set configapp to your dashlaunch default.xex. Mine is at Hdd:Homebrewdash_launch_v3.04Installerdefault.xex) so I do that, I have dashlaunch set to start at the launch menu instead of options (to do this in dashlaunch options under configurator set calaunh=enabled) then I just navigate to Hdd1:Homebrewmplayerxenon.elf and voila! Beyond that I gotta say I dig this app for playing .mkv files. I just tried ps3mediaserver and it kicks my lappy's cpu in the dirt. Great homebrew is great.
  8. I run mine from hdd. Place all files on your hdd and launch the .elf with dashlaunch. Works fine.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_360_System_Link_games Not the most up to date, (Doesn't show BLOPS2) but it's a good start.
  10. snappy

    Coverflow Layout

    Both of your mediafire links have been removed. This is exactly what I was looking for when logging in this morning. Could you please attach the latest greatest to your next post here or update a link for us?
  11. Great! Absolutely great theme. Thank you for your work.
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