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  1. funny thing enough it wouldn't accept that as an answer when i tried, i had to go to the covers portion to set it up
  2. do you really? i know you can download the dlc for games like black ops 2 and just use FSD to download and run the newest update to use them in LiNK. and if im correct if you have the dlc for a camo you can use them without unlocking them in LiNK.
  3. i know of using vuze as a pass through to stream downloaded movies to your xbox via network
  4. i have tried it but it wont allow it with out connecting to a live server ive tried in multiple ways even risking my kv by opening almost all the connections to live I.E. (opening everything except match making) but no matter what if you try connecting to live and it gives any error messages then netflix says you have to have a live profile connected.
  5. i wouldn't mind if FSD came back but i generally think that if they gave the source code a lot more could be accomplished with a massive community behind it to add features to like messaging and other things.
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