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  1. Im not sure if this is the right place for this or not... I am just curious... Now that netflix will be available without a live account will it be possible to use it on a jtag/rgh? What are your thoughts on this...
  2. What do you mean by this? What's blurred? The emu screen or a game if so what game ? And to open the ingame menu hold start+back for about 5 secs when u let go it will open its tricky to get open I find...Just remember all games will be blurry there was no HD around back in the day of the Psx....
  3. Check the posts in the pcsxr games thread don't wanna reexplain the swapping ... But it's not hard... Also if its slowing Down enough u can't play the game then u need a new rip of the game ... Mine slows when going from running around to battle then speeds right up during and after battles just that swirly to black screen... But still very much enjoyable!
  4. Cmilz90

    PCSXR game list

    Other tested game : Legend of legia - perfect Grandia - works with issues (lag between spoken words and text --- major issue: seems to freeze when trying to access memory card save and load) Leged of mana - perfect Final fantasy origins - perfect Star ocean second story - perfect Breath of fire IV - perfect Brave fencer musashi - perfect *** I have tried and have Dino Crisis 1 working perfectly (sound scratchy) but the game is like that anyway You may have had a bad rip! Try reripping it ***
  5. Cmilz90

    PCSXR game list

    You don't "install" ps1 games .. you copy them (all 3 disks) to the location of the pcsxr_360 folder and make a new folder inside it called "roms" or "games" whatever you want and when playing the game it will ask you to change disk and to save just save the game (save state might work to I haven't tried this) press Start and Back to pull up ingame menu and change game and pick the next disk!
  6. AHHH!!! Thanks so much for the release! i was previously using the XeLL version and was getting annoyed ... lol All games i have tried worked flawlessly! i only play RPGs on PSX .. because i am a fan of FF games and RPGs in general.. and its something xbox doesn;t have alot of, sadly.. so list of games i have tried .. Suikoden 1 .bin Suikoden 2 .iso FF7 ISO FF8 ISO FF9 ISO Legend of dragoon ISO Breath of Fire 3 BIN FF Chronicles ISO FF Anthalogy ISO Love it all games work amazingly all videos run as if it was playing on the original PSX ... and i agree N64 would be an amazing addition .. fingers crossed it is being developed! Edit I haven't "switched disks" yet but I think just save when asks before swapping disks open in game menu and "change game" ....... Also I should note all games I have ripped from my own original collection... And they work perfectly
  7. Just wondering if anyone here knows if this will get a port of the PS1 emu .. i know the PC version of RetroArch has it .. or if it may not because the only way to run PSX on xbox is it launch through XeLL?
  8. Naw there is no other way to control the xbox with iDevices ... ihave looked into this when i first discovered this app aswell ... atfirst i thought yes now i dont have to buy the xbox remote to watch/navthe media center ... my dreams were crushed =( .. lol I realized there would be no other way for the iDevice to connect tothe xbox since it has no bluetooth and i dont think IR is capable fromiDevices..so i THINK it uses live to connect to your profile andremotely runs items that are default on ur xbox only so if it worked it wouldnt beable to launch anything on FSD anyway ... i could be wrong if so thenplease correct me =)
  9. from what i can figure i was getting fail / pass, pass / fail, and all combos of that yesterday and could not use LiNK and when i ran it ealier today it passed worked and i can play it and you only need to run it once till it all passes then you dont need to run it .. i have restarted several time and loaded up got right into f3 / bo2 / syslink and into matches ... but i would say the failing has something to do with the JQE360 servers if there are a ton of people/activity you will have a hard time passing all tests! i may be wrong but it was laggy as hell yesterday (jqe360) and i could not pass all tests .. then today early morning before there was a ton of activity i could pass all tests ...
  10. what version on firefox? I am using firefox 17.0 and no problems on webui try updating firefox
  11. when getting fatal crash 9 out of 10 times means you havent restarted ur xbox so power off the xbox then wait 2 mins then turn it on and load F3 through dashlaunch or through XEXMenu just dont load your old F3 before trying to load the new one (adjust dashlaunch accordingly before restarting xbox)..
  12. again this is all theoretical ! so there would be no way of tricking the gold check into calling a different location or file (that has gold info (email/pass) that the user inputs ... theirs or there friends) and send that data off to ms to return a "fakegold" kind of status? I would love to be able to use netflix on my RGH .. lol
  13. Cmilz90

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Wow so excited for LiNK! =D Whats next devs.. your own version of XBL? Your over half way there with this!
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