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  1. Whats up Guys,🖐️ Can someone tell me how can I edit the xlaunch.fdf file? I want make my own RGloader Background. few year ago I have make my own Background ,but I dont know anymore how I was make it. it was long time ago😅 ✌️
  2. Ohhhh yyyeeeaaahhhh THANKS!!
  3. Whats up Guys I have a little question Guys i hope someone can help me. I want hack the strings in IDA Pro for the game Rage,but i don´t know how find the offset from the String exactly Please tell me how I enable the g_infiniteAmmo Function
  4. Hi Guys I have found on the internet this Site http://dl.xblhammer.com/XBOX360/DevKit/ is that the Rgloader 17489 bulider?? or whats this ??? Thanks in Advance guys
  5. hey felida,I see the cheats files in RetroArch but when i press B nothing happens....the cheat file was not loaded..can you help me??
  6. Swizzy i have a quastion I have found this XDK Recovery 21256.18 what Dashboard is it??
  7. You mean this files? when i try open the files come a error
  8. Thanks XUIWorkshop working now without errors And my onther question is what File i must be Open for Modding HUD?? Is it Hudscene from extractet Skin??or what exactly??
  9. Hi Guys I have a question , I have tried today to modding the HUD but i not understand how i make that XUIworkshop working every time when I launch XUIworkshop then come a Error and my onther question is what File i must be Open for Modding HUD?? and where i copy the XuiToolXamExtensions?? someone help me Please Thanks in Advance
  10. Try convert the Game in GOD. I have Slim RGH and the game works perfect
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