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  1. Why are you being so fucking weird? Just disable DiscordRPC in settings and move on..
  2. You clearly aren't understanding what he's saying. Jrunner checks for updates and if it can't reach the server it continues on to launch the application as it should there is no internet connection required to use the software and the updater is only there to keep users who wish to stay on the latest version, updated. There is nothing malicious about how it's being handled. He's already stated that the exe is not obfuscated and on top of that the source code is freely available for anyone to download and have a read through. It's a non issue..
  3. Read and write times xFlasher 16MB: roughly 0:45 NAND-X 16MB: roughly 2:08 JRP V2 16MB: roughly 3:20 xFlasher BB: roughly 3:00 NAND-X BB: roughly 8:30 JRP V2 BB: roughly 14:30 I'm a bit biased considering I designed it but factoring in that the xFlasher works with every 360 motherboard, 4GB Coronas included and is more than two times faster than any of flashers available today you have a clear winner in terms of which is the best. Now as for price if you're just looking to RGH one console then go with a cheaper JR Programmer or Matrix Flasher.
  4. This is a quick video tutorial I put together on how to copy games using Aurora.
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