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  1. found on xbox360iso forum... working only with GOD version of game (for some reason not working with ripped iso)
  2. any chance for TU09 if exist? because Epilogue is unplayable with TU7 and TU8 TID: 41560926 MID: 5C2E5879 Thank you...
  3. how to download TU for Minecraft disk version 4D530A81 on LT3 mod?
  4. hi... my router: MediaAccess TG788vn v2, IP addres is manually set and in router settings i reserve this IP for XBOX... but get error for uPnP
  5. is this available yet or must wait future updates?
  6. 1. some covers in database not exist anymore... if cover missing or wrong, upload cover manually with WEB browser via FTP network (enter XBOX local IP address in WEB browser and enter user/password: f3http 2. that is way how works, you must download again... same thing happened to me when installed new HDD drive, I had to redownload again all covers...
  7. but updates not found... beta updates is selected and F3 restarted did i can use 775 version from first post and copy this files over installed version rev58? or must change or avoid something?
  8. yep same here... also when try installation from Live version, my XBOX shut down when select download updates... if not select install old version rev58 (not 775) is possible to copy files from 775 over installed version rev58?
  9. trainers work fine for me... no problems...
  10. my is PAL and FSD work fine... just launch via XEX menu...
  11. remove Live account from console... dont know will this help for WiFi but if you dont have Live account on console then you dont worry about banning...
  12. i use only wired... dont have WiFi for XBOX but i dont see way need Live account for WiFi settings? check this post http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/655-how-to-wirelessly-ftp-your-wifi-enabled-phat-or-slim-360-with-freestyle-dash/
  13. no problem if you dont use or not connected to Live service...
  14. Hi to all... i set FSD and (almost) all working perfectly and only i want to know one thing... about custom covers downloading? did this still working? i registered account at covers.jqe360, entered account in FSD setting, enabled custom cover downloadingat covers.jqe360 found cover which want, select "Install to Xbox", restart FSD but downloading newer successful... thank you... and happy holidays
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