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  1. Right, now I understand For sure thats where it goes wrong when I do it manually. Going to give it another try when I get back with the disc based version.
  2. Really, thatch weird. I tried last week with the disc based version because it was installed. It could not find any updates in the Aurora screen, neither when I search manually or via 360mpGui. Are you also running 292AC81B?
  3. I think I understand your saying.... but what I dont understand is why there are no TU's for the disc based version. Its the same game but including a launcher but its still a different game for the Xbox itself as the Title and Media ID are different so you would expect updates for the disc version also. From what I could find on the internet the disc version included TU10 when it came out, and from there you cannot update anymore which seems a bit odd. With the XBLA version you can always download the latest version. Thanks again.
  4. Ah ok, I didnt know that. Do you have a idea why there are no updates available for the disc based version? This is the one if have. Media ID: 292ac81b Title ID: 4D530A81 Let me check dashlaunch plugins later, I think I got one installed. Think its swap.xex for multidisc games.
  5. Currently I got the XBLA version installed: Title ID: 584111F7, Media ID 7CD33B56 I do have the disc based version but thats not installed becasue I cannot find TU's for it.
  6. When TU's are deactivated it does not come back with the tutorials and explanations. Checked every option I could find multiple times. Thanks for thinking
  7. Swizzy, thanks for your fast reply! The clock is set correctly, its also configured to update time and date automaticly when booting. Forgot the mention before, I also tried creating new worlds to see if problem was related to the existing worlds. .
  8. Hey everyone, My Xbox 360 is jtagged and running dashboard version 17489 with Aurora 0.5b and dashlaunch 3.16 Everything is running smoothly expect for the Minecraft title updates. Minecraft is installed as XBLA (Title ID: 584111F7, Media ID 7CD33B56) Minecraft Title update is downloaded from http://xboxunity.net/ and installed in HDD\Content\00000000000\584111F7\000B0…… (cannot remember exact path) I can activate the title update and it loads fine but then the issue starts! Every time that I start Minecraft I get the explanation from all the blocks, inventory, etc… Looks like it doesn’t remember that it already showed the explanations and this is very annoying. I tried other Minecraft TU versions and the behavior is similar. The problem is only with Minecraft, other TU’s (GTA for example) are working fine. It’s not related to Aurora because the issue was the same with FSD3. I’m running out of ideas, any suggestion is welcome. Thanks Dinky
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