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  1. Nope I didnt enter my xuid and havent used any title updates. Bloody idiot. I know it would be something daft. Edit XUID???? Thats a new one on me?? If you mean profile, Im using a different one for my xbl than I do when I switch nands. Bit clueless herre but Im getting there slowely Thanks jbp210, any help with this will be very much appreciated
  2. Right, Ive got a curious question. I used some dead space 3 dlc and everything worked like a dream. No problems there. Ive just tried some darksiders 2 dlc and used content manager to install it to my hdd on my dual nand BUT its not there? Ive used the Arguls Tomb DLC pack and I know from downloading from xbl when I first bought the game, it should appear in my main menu and for some reason this doesnt. Ive tried another dlc pack (despair pack) and this also doesnt show up. have I dont something wrong?? Any help with this will be very much appreciated. thanks in advance guys
  3. Wow what bloody great program. So easy to use its fantastic. Thanks
  4. I was expecting a lot more from a game that has been in development for what seems like a life time. Its average. Theres a lot better FPS out there atm.
  5. Via ftp? Never even heard of 360 content manager.Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Ive downloaded some Dead Space 3 dlc but up til now Ive not bothered using dlc. Shame on me I know but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance guysSent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Loved this game. Cant wait for Dead Island Riptide. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Ok thanks mate. I wont bother then lolSent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk HD
  9. Might seem like a silly question this but can you get banned from xbl for modding saves? I dont mean to cheat on achievements, I mean, just to cheat a little. has anyone actually been banned for using save editors and modding saves??
  10. Great program, in fact its better than that, its a brilliant program
  11. Ive got that much info in my launch.ini, Im not sure whats what. Im having trouble posting on here for some reason. I go to reply on my pc but nothing is happenin, each time I click reply, nothing happens. The only way i can reply is cia tapatalk on my phone. I would have posted the info off my launch.ini for you to look at. Is there a problem with the forum? Ive tried firefox and internet explorer and its the same peoblem. Wont let me post any.replys. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  12. Yes, ive plugged my usb into the bk of the console. Im tempted to buy another xbox 360hdd just for my fsd. I can still run games off a usb hdd. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  13. Yes, my usb is plugged into the bottom usb port. My usb hdd only jas one usb port on it and a power input. It was plugged in at the time. Ive used the same usb drive on my old rgh falcon without any trouble. Also noticed that when I switch nands it can take ages to boot up. It boots into what looks like official dashboard. Im going to change this so it boots up into fsd. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  14. Im having a bit of a nightmare here. I installed fsd onto my external hdd then rebooted my console. Everything had dispeared! Then when I tried to reinstall fsd again, my usb had vanished and the only option I had ws my 360hdd. Took me a few goes to get the installer to pick my usb hdd again. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  15. Ive installed fsd onto an external hdd. Is this what you mean Dave?? Sent From Tapatalk 2Sent From Tapatalk 2
  16. Might sound like a silly question thos but how can I configure my fsd l/dashlaunch, to open up straight into my fsd when I switch nands?? Atm, it boots onto what looks like the official dashboars but I can press the guide buton then select freestyle dashboard. Is that right??? I want it to boot straight into fsd once I reboot after changing nands. Thanks in advance guys. Also osnt there somekind of xbl block that should be in my lauch.ini?? Sent From Tapatalk 2
  17. Lol sorted it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are staring you in the face. Sent From Tapatalk 2
  18. Ive just taken delivery of my brand new dual nand machine. Im trying to install FSD3. I want to install on my external hdd. Ive taken my 360hdd out to be on the safe side. When i switch my console on, I get an update message. Is this right? When I installed FSD 3 on my falcon rgh, I did it from the same cdrom. However it says disc unreadable when I just insert the cdrom into the xbox drive. The update message only comes up when I restart my console with the cd in. I dont want to procede without the proper advice in case I screw up my nee dual nand. Thanks in advance guys, I know Ive come to thr right place for help with this Sent From Tapatalk 2
  19. All done. Once I had read through the updating your rgh a few times, everything went well. Only screwed up once, I had entered the kernal I was already on and at the 2nd attempt, I realised where I had gone wrong and redid everything. All working fine now. I do have another question, how to do install the avatar items that you can buy off XBL? Is it possible?
  20. Ive updated my rgh and everything has gone smoothly. However Im at the point where I have downnloaded the avatar and kinnect update and have used xeBuild GUI 2.0 to prepare the update and put it on my flash drive. Nothing happens! Ive tried renaming the $ystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate, but nothing happens. Help Edit.................lol I had entered my exhisting kernal for crying out loud. I redid the whole process, this time entering the latest kernal and bingo....all done. PPPHhhhhhheeewwwwwwwwww
  21. Iv#m working my way through the tutorial and things are going well apart from one thing. I do not know the build type. I do know my machine is a falcon that was modded with a coolrunner. Whjich build type do I need?? Thanks
  22. Does it matter which update I download?? Im on 2.0.14719.0
  23. I think I can do this, in fact, I know I can. before I start, is there anything particular I need to be careful to do OR not to do?? Thanks in advance guys. Im currently on 2.0.14719.0
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