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  1. just downloaded your skin doc, will let you know my opinion when i have had a chance to have a proper look at it,looks and sounds awesome from the screenshots and feedback, great work,much appreciated mate
  2. right found the problem it was the skin i was using, i changed back to default and tu's now working, but i need a copy of default skin mines corrupted some how thats why i changed skins in 1st place, anyone have a link where i can download the skin?, or could i download all fsd and just grab skin from there and replace?
  3. hi guys im hoping jpizzle or one of you guys here can help, i was on rev 735 fsd, just updated to 775 and now i have problems with title updates, i go on a game cover press y, select tu's, go into that press y to download, but then it just goes to a screen what hangs and says at the bottom a download, b back, but nothing happens, screen just hangs and i have to press guide button to get out of screen, any help would be greatly appreciated, my jqe360 account connects fine, dont understand it?
  4. im having the same problem mate, i been on link for ages set it up fine, now just changed isp's and cant get it to work with my new router, im going to phone the isp to open the ports worth a try, although i know i have my ports open, in the port boxes what number shall i put in them?
  5. what i was going to put has been answered disc 1 contents folder has 4 files, 3 of them are 2gb the other 1 i think its 1.69gb, the game simply wont run without them,get the 4 files try it,any problems after that,just post and you will be helped
  6. totally understand jpizzle, i know you cant look on the lobbies 24/7, but it does get annoying when people just ignore the rules on a daily basis, hope you and the team have been busy on some more goodies for the fsd/link community?, as always thanks for all yous do.
  7. hi all, well this really i suppose is a question to jpizzle and the team, but i would like to know other forum members thoughts, the problem is cheats in black ops 2, i know yes you are all ways going to get it and cant stop it 100%, but i think there are people who are taking the p1ss day in day out and they never get banned or suspended(as far as i know), everyday the same people are being reported by lots of members but they still continue using god mode and the like, with no repercussions, ive reported people and it does'nt even come off there rep, and you can only report 3 people in 24hours, i know thats a hard one because its open to abuse, its just fustrating that we are givin this great FREE service where you can use hacks etc in marked lobbies but people still use public rooms and spoil the game, and one last thing is the nane change thing,theres people changing names all the time, i know the team have enough to do but should'nt people have to put a request in for name change, well thats my thoughts, i love link and fsd and have the upmost respect for jpizzle and the team, just be nice if everyone had the same respect for fellow link users, thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.
  8. yeah as said imo easiest way is boot into official dash launch xexmenu and go into freestyle skins folder then delete skin, as my man irishdave said this has been answered a few times before, searching will answer most things, hope you get it sorted
  9. hi what you want to do is turn off your settings so it does not re-scan everytime you boot the console, its in your general settings
  10. have you updated to latest title update?, could be a bad rip but if you have played in the past fine im not to sure.
  11. hi este, ive been having a lot of problems with black ops 2 recently on link, getting connection interupted message, losing connection to host and yes frame rate droping, di riptide had framerate dropping on me when i played last week, it must be an issue with link because my broadband is fine.
  12. simple remove the usb lead or unplug the xbox when you finished, if you leave it plugged in it wont harm it its only in idle mode, if you are too bothered about it, then you will just have to get in the habit of removing it, as there is no way round this as far as i know.
  13. need more info here mate, if you wish to be helped, what have you tried etc, then we will be able to help, sounds like you have not got your paths set up
  14. clear your data contents file, rescan everything, make sure all your ini settings are correct and make sure you have all the latest tu's, hope this helps
  15. as insanity said are your paths set correctly and make sure there saved, just double check, also setting scan to 5 is to muchn imo, i have all mine set to 2 and never a problem if alls set up right, hope you get it sorted
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