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  1. I know you mentioned its good to have a programmer, I don't have a programmer, How easy is it to break the 360 from loading. Like for example Will it still load even with no video or plugin present? I'm just curious. Because I know already that you can go in and delete random files and then use the same update file to fix what you deleted. My question is what exactly must I not screw up, if I want to try this out. I may just roll and give it a shot anyways heh.
  2. damn I'm very tempted to use this, But if my bro were to see.... lol Gosh thats very nice great job.
  3. Garzol I love your skin. But, I wish we could just choose our own custom backgrounds instead of having to only rely on whats in the skin. I had to go through installing xuitt so that I could switch out backgrounds. But I do love the layout. I'm a big fan of anime so I love adding those kind of backgrounds in. Anyways thank you for the skin. Also I discovered that xzp tool doesn't work with this skin. That may be why xb1forsure your wmv isnt working....
  4. It took me a while to figure out that link wsasn't going to work till I updated to the latest beta for fsd through fsd with link version that I got off the forums here, make sure skin and plugin is updated as well. So If anyone has issues there try that, and be up to date on the games title update.
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